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5 Best Alternatives To WhatsApp In 2021

 5 Best Alternatives To WhatsApp In 2021

We also know that the WhatsApp application is the most used for messaging, instant calling and calling in various parts of the world. After WhatsApp made many new terms of service related to privacy available, we see that many users concerned about the privacy of their messages and data are looking for alternative apps for Whatsapp. Well, if you don't like privacy issues with this Facebook owned app, here are the best alternatives for it below.

5 Best Alternatives To WhatsApp In 2021

Best alternatives to Whatsapp


Telegram app has been ranked as one of the best alternatives to WhatsApp due to its many features and good performance. This is an instant messaging application besides the ability to create groups up to 200 2 users and share files up to XNUMX GB. You can rely on it to create a channel and include many users for your brand or something like that.

It includes a large list of important features, including self-destruct messages, chatbot configuration, and more. To get closer to this app, you can check out our article on Telegram's most important features make it the best of other chat apps.

In terms of privacy and security, the Telegram app encrypts conversations between the two parties in order to keep your messages private, but be aware that chats are stored on Telegram servers like most social networks do. If you want a real and encrypted conversation between the two devices, the secret mode feature is available for you, turn on the feature and enjoy the privacy of your messages as they are only stored on your device and not on Telegram servers.

Apply Signal Its great popularity in recent times is due to the position of the WhatsApp network regarding the new terms of use. As with Telegram and WhatsApp, it depends on Signal Encrypt messages between the two parties in order to keep the messages confidential and not allow intermediaries or third parties to recognize and track them in real time. This service promises that all messages in the app are encrypted and will not be shared with any third party.

One of the most important features of this app is that it is open source, all its codes are available on the internet, which means that if there are any loopholes related to security and privacy, they will easily be identified by information security experts. According to The Guardian website, WhatsApp's internal encryption system was created using the Signal that you developed from Open Whisper Systems.

As for the user experience, it is very similar to the WhatsApp service, the interface is similar and you can send text, voice, voice and video messages with one or more people up to 8 people, create groups, send photos and stickers, videos and more.

An instant messaging app that cares a lot about privacy and security and takes it very seriously, but the app comes at a paid price of $ 2.99 for lifetime use. I think it is a good idea to buy it for safe use, as it relies on a full encryption system for all your private data and messages between the two parties, whether they are different files or text messages.

Another interesting and motivating thing is to use a Threema network, you can use the app and chat without fear of revealing your identity if you don't have to use phone number and email. When using Threema, You generate your own random ID, through which other people can communicate with you on the network.

Either way, the app includes many important basic features like sending text and voice messages, voice or video calls, creating groups, sharing various files, etc.

The app is available for use on Android, iPhone ، IPAD ، Android, As well as Web.

Apply Open Source Session, we have already talked about it in a favorite article and mentioned Its benefits and how to use it. The app is primarily concerned with security and privacy of use. No personal data such as phone number and e-mail is required from you, so you don't have to worry about it. It relies on message encryption as is the case with the above applications, and it does not save them on its servers.

One of the approved methods in the app to add people and communicate with them is the ID generated by the app, this ID is made up of letters and numbers and is difficult to remember, and through it the other user can join the group or individual chat. You can also add people via an encrypted QR code.

One of its other important features is that you can create multiple accounts on the same device without restrictions, because it does not require any personal information, only you can put a name and an ID for your account is generated. One of the disadvantages of this service is that it does not allow you to communicate by voice or video, while it allows you to chat in text and voice, send various files, emojis. The Bottom Line, Perfect Session for people who don't want to make privacy and security calls.

Service started Discord As a game chat platform, it has evolved and made many changes. Now, this platform is one of the best alternatives to WhatsApp. Well, let's get closer to see its most important features. Discord rests on the server, but a user has a private server. Leave you to Discord Conduct private individual or group conversations, voice and video calls, with one or more people, up to 10 in real time.

You can go to the Friends section and then add friends by entering the username or “gamer tag”. In terms of performance and privacy, the app is smooth and easy to use as it relies on powerful private servers. The cool thing that we've included it in this list is that it doesn't require you to enter the phone number or your real name to use it, and that's an important point in order to maintain privacy. of use.

You can use the app on Android ، iPhone ، IPAD ، Windows ، Mac ، And Linux.