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5 Best Online Flight Tracking Sites

 5 Best Online Flight Tracking Sites

There are websites that allow you to track the flights of airlines around the world from their departure until they arrive at a specified destination. Through one of the flight tracking sites, you will stay informed of the flight, whether you are on the plane or any of your friends or family members on the plane, not only by tracking a flight, but also showing you the air traffic around the world.

In this guide, we will learn about some of the distinctive websites that show you online air traffic so that you can easily track it.

Best Air Traffic Tracking Websites


One of the best platform which allows you to track all the flights of planes in the world online with all the flight details. It reminds you of the time of change and the time you will arrive on the plane with a map showing the location of the plane and all the information related to it, the flight number and the plane, a map showing the speed of the aircraft and the altitude of the air, in addition to the path in which the aircraft proceeded from the point of departure until the time of arrival.

Once inside the site, you can specify the point of departure by entering the city or the name of the airport and the same for the point of arrival. Once you click on the search, you will see all the flights between the two airports, whether they are flights at the same time or which will take off with the date and time mentioned. Sarahah website, I consider it the best in this area because it has a lot of accurate information about the air traffic in the world.

Another great website for tracking flights around the world. In addition to the flight details, this site also provides you with personalized flight plans as is the case with the first site, in addition to the weather conditions at the airports. With it, you can track any flight you want around the world by entering the aircraft name and flight number in addition to the date if you want.

You will be presented with all the information about that flight and a map showing which route it took in the air to the destination. In addition, you see the speed and height of the aircraft in the air, in addition to other information that you can discover about the flight you want to track.


Le site n'est pas populaire, mais il nous fournit des informations importantes sur les mouvements d'aéronefs dans la plupart des régions du monde. Lors de la saisie, vous pouvez rechercher des vols de différentes manières, y compris le numéro de vol, par aéroport, entre les aéroports. Vous pouvez saisir l'une des données susmentionnées pour le trajet que vous souhaitez suivre, puis cliquer sur Rechercher "Search«Afin de mentionner les détails du vol avec suivi.


Suivi des vols via Google
Saviez-vous que vous ne pouvez suivre rapidement le trajet que via Google? Il vous suffit de saisir le numéro de vol et la compagnie aérienne que vous souhaitez suivre dans le moteur de recherche Google, puis vous obtiendrez des informations sur ce vol, y compris, d'où il vient au point d'arrivée, le temps pris et bien d'autres détails.

It should be noted that Google relies on information from other accurate and reliable websites in this area, including the first and second sites included in this list. I think Google is the fastest way to track flights online if you know the flight number and approved airline.


A location is a platform that directly shows air traffic, that is, all aircraft that appear on the map are in these locations in real time. You can click on any aircraft that appears to you to view all of its information, including take-off and arrival time, type of aircraft, from which airport it took off to any location. what destination, and many other details.

Upon entering the site, you will directly see the map with the plane flying in the air in yellow color. You can search for any aircraft or any flight through the search rectangle on the site, and the site also includes several sections related to flight tracking, such as records - Customizable flight tracking. Moreover, if you subscribe to this site, you will get additional features like flight alerts, airplane and wind speed, thermal chat, airplane age, etc.