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5 Best VPN Browsers For iPhone

 5 Best VPN Browsers For iPhone

As the number of interested and users of VPN services increases over time, they are now looking for the privacy of their internet browsing so we find that many digital services are spying on you right now. So, in order to keep your data safe and private, you usually need to use a VPN on any device. Speaking of iPhone, I will share with you in this article the best VPN browsers for your iPhone for safe browsing.

Best VPN Browsers for iPhone

There is a difference between a VPN app and a VPN browser as we are seeing that some of them provide you with the service to connect to a VPN network and browse the app itself and any other external app on your iPhone, while some VPN apps are not built into a browser, so you need to use an external browser.

Brave Browser

Brave Browser Its main focus is privacy, and we have already listed this The Best Privacy Web Specs for Android this also applies to the iPhone system, as a VPN allows you to anonymously browse IP addresses in different regions of the world. world and has the HTTPS Everywhere feature, which encrypts data traffic for privacy reasons.

Among its special features is also Brave Shields, which is based on blocking tracking tools that violate your privacy so that you can browse without being tracked by any party, but unfortunately this feature is chargeable and costs $ 9.99 per month or so. $ 99.99 per year using Brave VPN and firewall. Besides that, there are other features in the browser like ad blocking, night mode, etc.

Turbo VPN

One of the other premium browsers which allow you secure and private browsing. The free version of Apply Turbo VPN It does not give you the option to choose which country to call from, it only allows you to do so for a 24 hour trial period. However, it provides you with a fast VPN with random IP address with complete anonymization of your personal data.

It's integrated, has a fast and easy-to-use browser, and is packed with important security features. Alternatively, you can use this VPN browser and access the internet through another browser such as Safari and others, but it is better to use the built-in browser in order to eliminate suspicion of loopholes and browse freely. Whichever app best VPN apps we recommend on Android or iOS.

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Aloha Browser

Longer Browser Aloha Browser One of the browsers which mainly focus on privacy and security in order to provide safe browsing experience to users, of course providing VPN and other features which are part of privacy and security including blocking ads, VR player, media, etc.

One of the most important features of this app is that it offers unlimited free VPN service, as well as the paid version which gives you additional options and features, priced at $ 2.99 per month or $ 24.99 per year. . The point here is that free use is effective enough after trying it. It offers you a built-in browser for secure browsing with address anonymity and private data encryption to preserve it.

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This browser works as a built-in VPN browser as well as a system-wide VPN, so you can run it on your iPhone and browse Safari or any other browser securely and privacy. System-wide or browser-based VPN lets you access the internet anonymously and securely for free for 60 minutes, while the premium version of the app gives you full use of the VPN and some other features. such as blocking ads and automatically deleting cookies, cache and other data. .

This app requires $ 2.99 per week or $ 9.99 per month. Since it is quite expensive, we can use it as an alternative to the above apps.

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A separate app, after trying it out, that lets you connect to the VPN and then access the built-in browser by clicking the hidden arrow icon at the bottom right of the screen, then browse safely and in private. This browser supports ad blocker and multiple tabs.

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Additionally, you can use VPN apps that don't include a web browser and surf the internet on Safari, Google Chrome, or others. As for these VPN browsers, they give you everything in the browser without having to log out and enter an external browser. My personal opinion, I prefer the top three apps, and you and you? Share your opinion with us in the comments below.