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6 Best Barcode Reader Apps For IPhone

 6 Best Barcode Reader Apps For IPhone

Nowadays, most of our transactions are done digitally and encrypted via barcode or QR code. You don't need a modern phone to be able to read this code, because there are apps that allow you to read this code, all you have to do is point the camera at the code and it will open a link with you for that product or something to provide information about it.

By barcode or QR code, you can do most business or Share Wi-Fi ، Share your WhatsApp number and other things. If you are looking for a barcode reader for your iPhone, in this guide we will introduce you to the best of them to make it easier for you to choose the appropriate and effective application on your iPhone.

Best Barcode Reader Apps for iPhone

I think modern devices running iOS 13 and above have a distinctive built-in barcode reader, so if you have it, you won't need to use a third-party barcode app unless that built-in app. does not work well.

Google Lens

This is a feature built into the Google search app, it comes with Android phones in advance, while on the iPhone you need to download it from the App Store to be able to use it. . As the name suggests, it is developed by Google and recognizes QR code easily and quickly.

Once you open the search app, click on the Google Lens icon located in the search bar. The camera will appear when unlocking Google Lens, just switch it to the qr code and a ribbon will appear containing a link to a webpage for that code. Not only that, but it also allows you to drag camera over specific text in order to search it, or scan QR code in gallery on your phone, when viewing the result, you can copy any text and search in Google directly, or translate it, for this reason it is better. Use Google Lens From Others.

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Barcode Scanner

If you are just looking for a barcode and QR code reader app then this app is perfect for you as it works with smooth and fast performance to detect what is in the code. It allows you many unique tools and functions, such as tracking what you have scanned and creating your own QR code. The pity about this app is that it requires a monthly subscription of $ 2.99, but it gives you a free usage period in the first one.

It has a simple and smooth interface, you can quickly scan a barcode or QR code, and it also gives you options to find what that code includes, in addition to an option to share and copy it. The app is only available on iOS and you can download it from the link below.

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I think the app is very good for accessing the best product prices, you can read any barcode for a product through it and it will show you all the prices in various digital stores, so you can choose to buy it at the cheap price easily and simply without needing to search in the search engine.

I think this is a perfect app if you like to buy products online, it will make you economical. The interface of the app is organized and easy to use, because when you scan the barcode, you will be shown the price of this product in the order in many electronic stores with the ability to enter and buy directly . The app is completely free and doesn't require a monthly subscription, but it does show regular ads.

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This app is important for any book and reading lover, as it allows readers to track books and save them whether they have read or intend to read, and that of course thanks to the reader bar codes. With the app, you can scan the barcode of any book to review it and see readers' ratings, then include it in a read list if it arouses curiosity.

The app is free and includes a large community of readers, and the functionality of the barcode reader works accurately and without any complications. I think this is the perfect app to dive into the book reading business and make it easier for you to read, of course.

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Out of Milk

Going to the store and shopping can be boring when you can't remember what to buy, but personally it happens to me. But with Out of Milk app It makes shopping very easy, with it you can compile and save shopping list through QR code.

Before throwing away the empty coffee can, scan the QR code through this app to include it in the shopping list, and the same you can do with other products. This free application will greatly help people who forget to create a shopping list, all you have to do is scan the product.

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QR Code Reader

This app is also one of the best apps that users rely on to read barcodes and QR codes. Not only that, it also supports reading many encrypted codes including, Datamatrice, Code39, EAN-8, Code128, EAN-13, Google Auth. Once you scan the code, the response will be in real time without any delay, and in case you are in a low light environment, you can activate the function to turn on the light by clicking on the flash icon.

Detailed product information is displayed and you can refer to what you previously scanned by clicking on a History section. You can also extract the product information to a CSV file. The app gives you a limited number of free scan codes, while you can subscribe monthly to use the app unlimitedly and for free.

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These are the apps you can use on your iPhone to read barcodes and QR codes from any product. Barcode reader is very important in our time when most transactions are done in digital form