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Can I See Who Has Watched My Videos Or My Profiles On TikTok?

 Can I See Who Has Watched My Videos Or My Profiles On TikTok?

Many TikTok network users ask how to find out who has viewed their videos or their profiles on the network. We will respond directly to these two issues. As of 2021, TikTok no longer shows who has viewed your videos. Also, it doesn't let you know who visited your profile like it does with other social networks.

If you watch someone's video on TikTok and you're worried they'll find out, take a deep breath and worry no more. Users do not have the option of knowing who has viewed their videos. If there is a third party app that claims to let you know, it's just a lie and a waste of time until TikTok does.

Can I see who has viewed my TikTok videos?

As mentioned above, you can't tell who viewed your videos on TikTok. In return, you will know who commented on the video and who liked it.

If you've watched the video and clicked the Like button, the owner of the video will of course know that you watched it, and the same if you comment on it. As to whether you get into the video and watch it, here he'll never know.

The total number of views of the video is displayed, but the audience cannot be displayed. For example, only 153 or 17k numbers are displayed.

As shown in the image above, only the number of views of your video appears, and the same goes for a visitor when they access my profile. Additionally, on the side you'll see how many likes and comments the video has received, and you can just see who liked the video and who commented on it.

A visitor can see the same thing, know who saw my video and who commented on it. This feature may not be appreciated by many Tik Tok users who are concerned about the privacy of their use.

Can I see who visited my profile on TikTok?

The answer is as clear as sunlight during the day. I can not know it. There was no official option on TikTok that would reveal visitors to your profile.

In case there is an option to let users know, I think profile viewing operations will decrease significantly, as most users like to browse the network privately, and at most when visiting the profile. from someone.

Closing words

In summary, Tik Tok wants to keep the privacy of people who enjoy watching videos. It is also normal not to reveal the users who have visited the profile, so as not to create a negative experience.