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How do I know if my phone is being watched or not?

 How do I know if my phone is being watched or not?

With the increase in the use of smartphone apps, we are finding that some of them are used as listening tools or to track your location and read the messages and calls you make on your phone. Therefore, you may experience fear and anxiety about being monitored on your phone. Therefore, it is better to confirm whether your phone is being monitored or not and to take protective measures if it proves it.

Although most modern phones have advanced security technologies, anyone can leave your phone with or install an app that allows them to monitor you, or if not, some specific apps can be designed to access your files, messages. and private data. . Let's quickly identify the signs that your phone is being watched.

How do I know if my phone is monitored

I will mention 5 steps you need to take to make sure your smartphone is being watched or not.

Phone call cases

Check if the calls are still weak and intermittent, if you are having problems dividing and disconnecting the sound when calling other phones, it may be because the phone is being monitored. Most telephones, when used as listening devices, disable the transmission path during the call. However, we are finding that some devices work around this problem by using modern communication technologies and running high speed internet data.

The battery drains quickly

If you suddenly notice that the phone's battery is draining faster than usual and even when not in use, it may be a sign that something is running in the background and you don't know it. Of course, it is normal for the battery condition to become low and you find it draining quickly, but if you find that it has changed its condition significantly in a short period of time and you try other chargers and the issue has not been resolved, it may be that your phone is being monitored. To be on the safe side, remove any suspicious apps that you recently downloaded or updated.

 Phone temperature

Of course, phones often overheat during prolonged use, and most of them are weak phones. But it is not normal to find the phone overheated without using it. Overheating while the phone is idle indicates something is running in the background, and it could be a listening and tracking device.

 Phone lighting

Have you noticed that your phone won't turn off or turn on every now and then after turning it off? This could indicate the presence of a built-in listening device. If you find that the phone turns on every now and then and emits an abnormal beep, it is very likely that it is being monitored.

If you find any such signs, feel free to contact a technician and ask if the touch or phone issue is being monitored, if it is the latter, then chop it up immediately.


GSM phone test

If you have a GSM phone (most of them have this technology), place it next to the speakers when not in use. Often times you hear a short-term buzz when the phones are near the speakers when not in use, and when you hear a buzz that takes longer than a few seconds, it is not normal.

In addition, for the sake of safety, I advise you to familiarize yourself with and use security applications On Your Android, or On the iPhone.

Make sure you have spy apps on your phone

Most of the spying and surveillance you do is done by installing an app for it on your phone, and we often find that it doesn't show up in the main interface of the phone when you can find it. in the application management section of the settings. Most of these applications assume the identity of a name such as System or system services, also in the name of "System Ui".

Well you might be wondering if you have found any such apps but you will think they are phone system specific. You should know that there are no system apps that can be uninstalled from the phone, so just enter any suspicious app that might have such names and then make sure there is an "Uninstall" uninstall button.

If you can't find the Uninstall button, it means that it belongs to the phone system, but if you find the button, it is definitely an app to spy on you, and it can access your messages and calls, take a picture with it. your phone's camera, know your location, etc. To check this, go to the "Permissions" section in the app settings, you will see all the permissions granted to it on your phone