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How To Check If Your Android Device Is Certified Or Not

 How To Check If Your Android Device Is Certified Or Not

The Android system differs depending on the manufacturer of the phone as we know that it is an open source system that phone makers rely on, so we find that some Android devices have features that are not available. on other devices. In some cases we find that some phones become Uncertified "Uncertified" You lose access to many features. well, in this guide we will tell you how to check if your android device is supported or not by simple steps.

Google provides the Android operating system to manufacturers if their conditions and requirements are met. The device must pass the test for compatibility with the conditions to be certified. Often times, phones with custom ROM or root installed are no longer supported, and even if they remain certified after that, it's only a matter of time.

All approved phones can access Google services like Google Play Store and the Google Play Protect security control app, but if your device isn't certified, it can't be accessed, including some other Google apps.

You should also be aware that an unsupported Android device does not receive security updates and you cannot verify whether the apps installed on it are original or not. Don't worry, most Android devices are certified unless you are using a device without company warranty i.e. you have root or custom ROM installed on it as mentioned above. above, here in most cases the device is not supported.

How to check if your Android device is certified

Too easy to discover? Open the Google Play app, then select an option The three bars on the top side to reveal the side menu. In the menu, click on the Settings option.

On the Settings page, scroll down to the About "About" section. under "Play Protect Certification" you will see if your device is certified or not. For my device, here the device is certified "device is certified".

If you find that your device is not certified "Uncertified" and you have not already installed any custom or rooted ROMs, you can look at Google List of Compatible Devices then, check whether your device is listed or not.