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How To Display Android Screen On Computer Via Wi-Fi

 How To Display Android Screen On Computer Via Wi-Fi

In some cases, you may need to display your Android phone's screen on the computer, whether it's to watch a movie on a larger screen, play and stream games, or directly present a specific presentation. An easy way to work smoothly is to mirror your Android screen to computer using Wi-Fi technology. There are apps and programs that provide this service for you and depend on Wi-Fi technology for mirror your computer screen.

Although there is a built-in hardware screen mirroring function, Windows 10 however, sometimes it does not work well, so we are going to rely on two programs that allow you to do it with good efficiency, and so on. watch the show or stream games smoothly. Apart from that, you can also take advantage of our other article on Show phone screen on computer via USB.

How to display Android screen on computer via Wi-Fi

We are going to discover two methods which depend on a program that allows you to push the Android screen to the computer, depending on the WiFi.

Method one: use LetsView

Another separate program that I would recommend to use in terms of showing the Android screen on the computer whether it is a Mac or Windows device. The same applies to the iPhone device.

You should know that this service depends only on the Wi-Fi network and does not support any other screen display technology.

First of all, download the program from the official website and install it on your computer. Also install a LetsView app On Android via Google Play Store.

After installation on both devices, open the program on the computer, then also open the app on Android and grant access to your files and website by clicking the Allow "Allow" button in both pop-up windows.

On the app, you will see your device name with a LetsView prefix. Click on it then select a "Phone screen mirroring" option. (Another window may appear to grant microphone permissions, click Allow).

Directly, a window will appear at the bottom in order to confirm that the screen mirroring has started on the computer. Click on the "Start now" button.

You will see the screen of your Android device on the computer program, now you can view any video or play a game and just record the screen broadcast on the computer. The program includes many important options including taking a screenshot, recording a video of the screen, brushing, extending the screen, rotating the screen and many other parameters.

The second method: use ApowerMirror

One of the highlights Phone screen views on the computer not only allows you to view the Android screen on the computer, but you can also fully control your phone through the computer regardless of the others. features it offers. But be aware that it allows you to view the screen for free for only 10 minutes, as it requires a paid subscription for unlimited use.

Install Apply ApowerMirror On Android, then download and install ApowerMirror program on your computer, either Mac or Windows. Connect to the same Wi-Fi network on Android devices and on the computer.

Once installed, open the app and it will ask you to allow access to your location and storage. Click the "Continue" button then an Allow "Allow" button in both pop-up windows.

Open an ApowerMirror program on your computer, then click on an Android Mirror to PC option "Mirror Android to PC".

On the next program page, click the Installed button, next to "Installed, Next" located on the bottom side.

It will show you a page which includes the name of the connected Wi-Fi network and the IP address, click on the Connected option, next to "Connected, next" on the lower side too.

On the app on your Android phone, click on the “Mirror” button located in the middle of the app interface, it will then display your computer name with an Apowersoft prefix. Click on it. (You can also use a PIN code or QR code to connect to the computer and project the screen to it.)

You will see two options on the app, the first is to display the Android screen on the computer, and the second is the opposite. Click on the first option and it's Mirror Phone to PC "Mirror Phone to PC".

A window will appear at the bottom to confirm that the Android screen starts showing on the computer, click on the button started now "Start now".

Directly, your Android phone screen will just show on the computer. You can give the power to control from the computer through the mobile app. In addition, you can record video of the screen on the computer through the program itself, which is important for those who record broadcast games.

Otherwise, you will find plenty of features like taking a screenshot, extending the screen and other options that help improve user experience. But the only flaw, as mentioned above, is that it allows you to view the screen for free only for a limited period of 10 minutes.

Note: Apart from Android, you can also rely on the same service to display iPhone screen on computer or vice versa. And you can do the same on a smart TV too.


Closing words

Wi-Fi technology is currently the most commonly used by software to display phone or phone screen Transferring files and this is because it is fast to connect and transfer data especially if your speed is fast. The Internet is good, not weak. Hope this guide has helped you mirror your phone screen to your computer. Enjoy!