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How to hide my phone number on Facebook

How to hide my phone number on Facebook

Sometimes when you create an account on Facebook and put your phone number in it, it will appear to anyone who visits your profile, especially when they enter the "About" section of your profile. It will remain visible to everyone if you don't hide it, so that anyone can take it and contact you at any time. And if you have a lot of friends on your Facebook account, I think you will get a lot of annoying unknown calls. Therefore, you need to extract the phone number from Facebook. Let's see how to do this.

How to hide Facebook phone number

You can hide your phone number from your Facebook account using the mobile app or through the Facebook web platform. Use one of the two methods below, as appropriate.

Via the Facebook app

Open the Facebook app on your phone and then Log into your account if you haven't already.

Click an option The three bars At the top, scroll down and select Partition Settings and Privacy "Settings & Privacy". Other subsections will appear, including selecting Settings.

Under the Settings interface, click a Personal Information option. Then click on "Contact Info".

You will see the contact information used on your Facebook account, including your phone number and email address. Click on your phone number.

You will see that the visibility of the number is set to the "Public" option or the "Friends" option. You can hide it from everyone and make it visible by simply clicking on the drop-down menu, then select an option Me only "Only me" (If you do not see the latter, expand the list of options by clicking on the button " See more").

The changes will be saved automatically once you select the option. The phone number has now been withheld from everyone and will not appear to any Facebook user when they access my profile. Moreover, you can also make it visible to your friends only on Facebook by selecting an option Friends "Friends", or friends except for some which you can select.

Via the Facebook site

If you apply the above steps on the Facebook app, you don't need to do it online on the same account, as the changes will be applied to your account in general. If you have not yet withheld your number, continue with the next steps.

Open the web browser on your device, then go to and sign in to your account.

Access your profile then click on About section. then, select the option general information and coordinates "Contact and Basic Info". You will see contact information, such as phone number and email, website if you have entered it already, etc. Click the globe icon or the friends icon that appears next to the number.

A window will appear to specify who can see your phone number when entering your Facebook profile.

If you want to hide its appearance from all users, select an option Me only "Only me". If you want it to appear only to your friends on Facebook, select a "Friends" option. Or you can make it visible to your friends, but except for some. You will find other options, such as setting the number to only appear for specific people or close friends.

Once selected, your changes will be saved. Longer, when someone accesses your profile and more specifically the "About" section, your phone number will never appear to you.

These are the steps you need to take to protect your phone number and prevent anyone else from accessing your number and disturbing you. Regardless of that