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How to hide notifications on iPhone lock screen 2021

 How to hide notifications on iPhone lock screen 2021

To maintain the privacy of your messages and what is included in the notifications you receive on iPhone in general, you should turn off or hide notifications from your iPhone's lock screen, such as when your phone is away from you. or in the hands. from your friend, they're more likely to read notifications you receive on the lock screen. Let's find out how to hide it.

Also, since instant message notifications should be more private than others, you can check out our previous guide where we walked you through How to Prevent WhatsApp Message Notifications from Appearing on iPhone.

How to hide lock screen notifications on iPhone

By default, anyone can see the Notification Center on your iPhone or iPad by swiping your finger up and down, so they can read the contents of your recent notifications. Here's how to hide their appearance.

Open a Settings application on your iPhone or iPad.

Under the settings page, click on a Face ID and Passcode option "Face ID & Passcode" if your device has Face ID. (If your device has a home button, tap a Touch ID option and passcode "Touch ID & Passcode").

On the next page, enter your code.

Head to the Allow Access When Locked department "Allow Access When Locked" ، then disable the button next to the "Notification Center" option.

If notifications aren't hidden on the lock screen

Sometimes, even if you turn off Action Center from the lock screen, it may still be visible. Next, we will need to turn off app notifications from the lock screen. Here are the steps to turn it off.

  1. Open Settings "Settings".
  2. Click on a Notifications section.
  3. In the apps list, tap the app whose notifications you want to hide.
  4. Uncheck Lock Screen in the Alerts section.

Repeat the process for any app for which you want to turn off notifications on the iPhone or iPad lock screen.