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How To Know Which Apps Can Access Your Location On Android

 How To Know Which Apps Can Access Your Location On Android

It goes without saying that apps on Android can access a lot of permissions with your consent. When you open a new app on Android, it may ask you to grant permissions to access your location, so it's important to make sure it doesn't misuse it in order to maintain your privacy, because we find that some applications among its main purposes is to track your users and know their geographic location.

It's easy to know which apps can access your location on Android, but how? This is what we will learn in this article.

Starting with Android version 11, apps can access your location once, this means that even if you exit the app and come back to it, you won't be prompted for your location permissions again, and this may not not suitable for many privacy-conscious users. Of course, you can, through the settings of any app, revoke access to your location.

Find out which apps can pinpoint your location on Android

It's a good idea to follow these steps every now and then to check which apps can access your location, of course for privacy. The steps to follow differ depending on the type of device, but they are somewhat similar.

To get started, go to the "Settings" settings on your Android phone or tablet. Right after that, click on the Confidentiality section "Privacy" then, on the next page, click on the Permission Manager option "Permission Manager".

On some other devices, when entering the settings, click on the Applications section "Apps" then, on the next page, click on the Permissions option then repeat by clicking on the same option.

Now all kinds of permissions will show you next to the number of apps that have been granted permission on your Android device. These include camera access permissions, geolocation, contacts, call access, etc. We limit what we want is the location "Location" clicks on it.

The following interface may be different depending on the version of the Android system you are using, the important thing is that it will show you which apps can access your location and which apps have not granted them this permission and never can. reach your location. You can also turn off access to your location on any app by clicking the side button.

On Android 11, you'll see a list of apps that can still access your location, in addition to apps that can access your location only while in use. You can also control access to your site by clicking on any app, then decide whether you want to disable the permission, enable it only when using the app, or enable it permanently when using the app. of use or otherwise.

That's it, now you can know which apps are tracking your location with the option to turn it off to improve privacy. Apart from that, if you are also using an iPhone