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Meilleurs Navigateurs Web Pour Android Pour La Confidentialité 2021

 Meilleurs Navigateurs Web Pour Android Pour La Confidentialité 2021

Meilleurs Navigateurs Web Pour Android Pour La Confidentialité 2021

Most of the time browsing any of the browsers on an Android phone is done without regard to privacy, so browsing public Wi-Fi networks may be hacked, or something like that, your location. can be tracked and your data recognized by websites while browsing, or something like that, for that matter, privacy is an important thing right now. There are Android web browsers that give you options to browse anonymously and privately. In this guide, we'll find out about the best ones you can rely on while browsing on your Android device.

Unlike the computer, which most users use the Google Chrome browser to browse, it is also used Google Chrome Extensions for Privacy, Or VPN Add-ons To change the IP address and encrypt your Internet connection, on Android we We find some used Incognito mode on Google Chrome browser For browsing, but this does not make your browsing fully personalized, you only surf the Internet without the browsing logs being saved, and your IP address is not changed. Without further ado, here are the best Android browsers for privacy.

The best Android browsers for privacy

We have chosen these browsers based on the privacy they offer you while browsing, including preventing website tracking and blocking advertisements, your data is not collected.

Brave Browser

Brave Browser One of the best and most powerful browsers in terms of privacy, it is open source and contains ad blocker and website tracking blocker. It prevents cookies or so-called cookies, in addition to preventing fingerprints and scripts from working on the web page. One of its other advantages is that it gives you two separate search engines for normal mode and incognito mode.

Regardless of Android, presented Brave computer version of "Incognito with Tor" helps you hide your searches from your ISP and the Wi-Fi provider you're connected to. Brave It's built on a Chromium system, but it cares more about privacy and security than anything else. Personally, I use it on my Android device because of its privacy features, and I would recommend it to any privacy-conscious user.

 DuckDuckGo Privacy Browser

DuckDuckGo Privacy Browser It includes an incognito mode that you can use to access the Internet. After exiting the browser, all your records are erased, including your passwords and site data. However, another thing about DuckDuckGo privacy is that it blocks all trackers and suspicious activity.

One of its advantages is to organize the sites between A and H, H being the lowest and A being the highest, which gives you an idea of ​​the reputation of the site when entering it. With a click of a button, you can clear your browsing history, or it is done automatically when incognito mode is closed. It should be noted that this browser is also based on the Chromium system.

 Vivaldi Browser

The Android version of Vivaldi After being in beta for a while. This is also done with various privacy features such as ad blocking. You can sign in with your Google account and import all your records from payment data, passwords and more. Besides, it has a great cross-platform sync feature so that you can seamlessly sync open tabs between computer version and browser version on Android.

Besides privacy, the browser gives you additional features like games, cloud notes, internal download manager, use of private DNS server, dark mode, etc. As with most other browsers, Vivaldi Based on the Chromium Hey system.

Firefox Focus

Firefox Focus Browser Its main idea is to erase all logs and data as soon as you close the browser. do not Firefox Focus Save all data about yourself. It deletes cookies, passwords and history right after closing your browser. It is built-in to block ads and block all tracking.

The downside of this browser is that you cannot open multiple tabs at the same time, so if you set this browser as the primary browser, you will have to access the sites at the same time through separate tabs.

Note: The browser is known as Firefox Klar in some countries like Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

 Cake Web Browser

Goals Browser Cakes Browser Basically do not follow users on its part. The app is characterized by full privacy status and you will not be tracked by the browser at all. Moreover, it allows you to password protect the browser in order to prevent your friend from entering your private browser. Other features only include secure HTTPS browsing, ad blocking, and no tracking mode.

It comes with other separate functions like voice search, night mode, the ability to change app icon, besides some other secondary features.

Dolphin zero

One of the other browsers that allows you to access the internet anonymously, and you can use it as an alternative to other apps. The no-tracking mode that prevents the browser allows you to store user browsing data, as well as provides ad blocking function, but is not as effective as other browsers. However, if all you need is to make sure that you are preventing anyone from seeing your browsing logs, this browser is enough to do it just fine.

In addition to this, the browser contains other minor features such as gesture controls, the ability to download videos, themes, search customization, open multiple tabs at the same time, Flash Player, many plugins that you can use. help with various things.



Fennec It is based on an open source version of Firefox called Fenix. Built with the feature set of Mozilla Firefox, you can also sync cross-platform browsing with the same Mozilla Firefox ID. Among the features that I explicitly enjoyed is its support for a host of plugins like Ghostery and Adblockheu, HTTPS Everywhere and other plugins that will make your browsing completely secure and private.

This browser is based on Firefox Browser, does not include any analysis or telemetry service. Apart from that, you can use plugins to access various functions like night mode, change of appearance and others.


In one person's opinion, if you prefer Google Chrome, I recommend using Brave, and using other browsers as secondary or alternate options. If you like the system Firefox is running on, you can use the Fennec. Additionally, you may still want to use incognito mode once you open the browser on the computer.