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What does an untrusted Android device mean

 What does an untrusted Android device mean

We also know that the Android system is open source so that any business can take it and use it on their devices. But in some cases problems arise because some phones may not be certified "Uncertified" so that you lose access to some features of the Android system. What does it mean?

Of course, Android devices can be different from each other, depending on the manufacturer of the phone. However, the approved system is a subsidiary of Google, and Google wants to ensure a certain level of consistency between devices, both in terms of the use of features or in terms of security.

Google has a list of requirements that it must adhere to, called a Conformance Definition Document (COD). These conditions must be met for the phone to pass Compatibility Tests (CTS) to be certified.

What happens to an unsupported device?

It is rare to find incompatible Android devices. The most common reason a device might not be supported is Job Rout or a custom ROM for the phone. In the world of 2018, Google has warned users during the setup process that their devices are not certified by Google, so the user cannot access Google services on the phone such as Google Play and others despite the normal operation of the system.

You should be aware that Google cannot guarantee the security of the device and therefore these devices may not receive important and necessary security updates.

Also, you should know that the unsupported device does not include the Play Protect service and therefore there is no certificate that the Google apps on the device are official and real Google apps. .

If the device is still able to install Google apps, keep in mind that Google can stop it at any time

How to tell if your Android phone is not supported

Don't worry, as mentioned above the vast majority of Android users have certified devices. If you can use the Google Play Store to install apps and games, your phone is almost certainly certified. Here are the steps Check whether your device is taken certified or not.

Open a Google Play Store app on your device, then click on the three-dot option at the top to bring up the side menu. Then in the latter, click on the "Settings" option.

Scroll down to the section on 'About Under' Certification Play Protect ', you will see if your device is certified or not. Here in my case my Android phone is certified so it shows me that the device is certified. "Device is certified".

That's it, in case you haven't made any changes to your phone and find it unsupported "uncertified" You can see Google List of Compatible Android Devices To find out if your device type is listed or no.