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5 Best Android Script Editing Apps

 5 Best Android Script Editing Apps

If you are a web developer or someone who does a lot of coding, you know how important it is to choose a good program for editing scripts. There are many computer programs to edit the encoding, but you are not always sitting with your computer, sometimes you have to do it on your Android phone through a script editor app.

It is imperative that you choose a smart app that will make it easy for you to program on your Android phone, in order to highlight the syntax you write, autocomplete, color highlight, etc. In this guide, I have compiled a list of the best script editors that you can use in your Android programming world for you.

Best Android Script Editing Apps

Here are the detailed features of each app to make it easier for you to choose what you want.

anWriter HTML Editor

It is a popular application that allows you to prepare and edit HTML scripts with Javascript, CSS, jQuery, Bootstrap and AngularJS. Supports AutoComplete, which helps you finish your text quickly. One of its other features is its support for FTP, which allows you to upload and upload files to servers.

The editor also highlights phrases smoothly for easy programming. On the one hand, the interface is clear and numbered by line, and it allows you to have an unlimited return function in the event of an error, and a search and replace function in order to easily access any code of your script, not forgetting the options for customizing the size of your script.

The app is free and shows you regular advertisements. To remove ads and access additional features like PHP and SQL autocomplete support, syntax color settings, unlimited returns, etc., you will need to purchase the premium version for $ 5. .

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If your job or one of your main jobs is to start an article writing blog, this app is for you. It is a simple application for editing and preparing Java, CSS, PHP, python coding, in addition to its ability to execute HTML, Markdown and Javascript files. Its special feature is that you can also preview what you are programming.

It should be noted that it supports keyboard commands like Shift, Esc, etc. In terms of appearance and use, it has a clean interface that includes numbers for each line in addition to the color distinction for the script, not to mention the availability of the back button, record button and d 'other buttons to make programming easier for the application. The application is completely free and does not display any advertising at the moment.

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Another separate application in this area is an integrated platform for editing scripts for most languages from C to Ruby. This app has been integrated with many essential programming features, such as syntax highlighting support, detect errors and help you resolve them, auto-complete codes and IDs, among others.

A smooth and easy to use application that distinguishes lines by numbers, scripts with colors, in addition to many necessary tools that a programmer needs. You can also control and customize the size of the script as per your convenience and other features. The app is free, but you will find purchases there.

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The name is an acronym for Android Web Developer, which is a code editor and IDE. Supports many programming languages used on the web including PHP, Javascript, CSS, HTML, and JSON. This app also has a function to check for errors and identify them, in addition to an auto-complete function. It also allows you to preview files in the app.

It includes many other features that make it easy to edit your scripts, such as syntax highlighting, hardware keyboard support and keylinks, search and replace, unlimited back button, autosave, GIT integration, script beautification, etc. .

The app is free, but it shows ads and some of its advanced features are locked out, as it has to purchase the pro version of the app to get unlimited feature access and block ads. The price of this premium version is $ 6.

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Code Editor

Another of my favorite apps for preparing and editing scripts on an Android phone. The syntax supports various popular programming languages such as Swift, HTML, PHP, Java, Javascript, C, C ++, C3, Python, XML, Perl, and others.

One of its advantages is that it supports keyboard shortcut and auto-space feature at the start. In terms of use, it's simple and clear, as it includes buttons for color highlighting, back, search, and save, among others. It's free to use with Settings, while you can remove these ads with a monthly subscription for $ 3.50.

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Quoda Code Editor

It's an easy to use source code editor and IDE, like Notepad ++ or Sublime Text. This application has many features that allow the developer to quickly complete their software project, including auto-completion, parenthesis matching, auto start space, bookmark lines, highlight color, HTML formatting, downloading the source code for the URL, among other things.

It is worth noting that the application fully supports SFTP / FTP (S) servers and cloud storage capacity directly on Google Drive and Dropbox. This regardless of the necessary features that these applications should have, such as the back button and record, among others. I think this app is for you if you like to edit scripts on your android phone.

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These are the apps that I recommend you to write your software project on your Android phone comfortably and without complications.