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8 Best Live Streaming Apps For Android And iPhone

 8 Best Live Streaming Apps For Android And iPhone

8 Best Live Streaming Apps For Android And iPhone

Live streaming is not only available on TV channels, with digital development, you can also do live streaming through mobile apps, because you can easily create live schedule for your colleagues or subscribers through networks social, because it only requires the Internet. There are many platforms that you can live stream on, but which are the best?

For the sake of fluidity and high quality live streaming, I recommend that you use one of these services presented below on your Android phone or iPhone.

Best live streaming apps

Live streaming on YouTube

The giant YouTube is one of the first to add the live streaming functionality to its system, but it has seen turbulent development with the change in the policy adopted and the accompanying tools to do a live broadcast. YouTube offers you plenty of features and tools that help you create a live broadcast with great efficiency, either on your own or planning to broadcast a specific event. One of the features that are available in live streams on YouTube and not available on other platforms is that you can monetize it.


YouTube is known to be very popular and the live broadcasts you make are accessible to many users who have searched for it through the YouTube search feature which translates to more views of your live stream.

You can keep a live broadcast recorded as a video on your channel after it ends.

Very advanced features, in addition to features adapted to make a live broadcast of certain events such as automatic recording and delayed broadcasting, live chat, etc.

You can monetize with your live broadcast.

Get the app: For Android - iOS

Live streaming on Instagram

Although there are no features and tools for live streaming on an Instagram network, however, it works with high quality and performance, and it also gives its advantage since the Instagram platform informs all subscribers that you have started live streaming, if you have a lot of subscribers on the platform and are interested in what you have to offer then it is natural that you get a lot of viewers in real time.

In terms of features, it is limited unlike the YouTube app. It's worth noting that you can add someone to join the live broadcast, and this is one of the cool features that has been added to Instagram Live.


If you have a large following on your Instagram account then I think Instagram is the right place to do a live broadcast as it delivers shows in a clear, high quality, and uninterrupted manner, unless you do. have low internet speed then it is normal for you to get breaks in streaming.

Smooth and easy access to live streaming at full speed.

You can add someone with you in the live broadcast from anywhere.

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Live stream on Facebook

Facebook also provides this feature for a long time, you can do live broadcast to your Facebook account with ease and with high quality thanks to the high efficiency of dedicated live broadcast servers on the network. Facebook is one of the most supported platforms for live broadcasters or apps that support live broadcasts.

On Facebook, you can also add a friend to join your live broadcast. What sets live broadcasts on this platform apart is that it can spread at lightning speed thanks to its participation of viewers if they are interested.



Easy to use and you won't experience any slowdown in live streaming if you have a medium or higher speed internet connection.

It is supported by most live streaming devices and dedicated software.

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Livestream is perhaps the leading platform in the field of live streaming in particular, most of its users use it for professional purposes with advanced web cameras and camcorders. Moreover, you can enter the app to watch the different trending live broadcasts, you will find everything popular in real time when you enter the Popular Zone section.*

During the broadcast, you can then write text to give information about the event you are covering for example or upload an image, allow comments on the broadcast, mute or activate the microphone and other advanced features. .

To download the app: For Android - iOS

Broadcast Me

A free live streaming app, also for Android and iPhone, it uses a media server which supports the deployment of Real Time Messaging Protocol (RTMP) in order to work well which means you can use this app for live stream to various social networks such as YouTube, Twitch, TwitterFacebook and others.

In order to enjoy stable and professional broadcasting, Broadcast Me must encode your live broadcasts using the H.264 video codec and the AAC audio codec. It should be noted that you can do live streaming through this app for a limited time and unlimited live streaming time requires a one-time payment of $ 5.99.

You get it: For the android - iOS


PopLive Formerly known as Alively. It is an application that allows you to create a live broadcast in high quality, because the network delays the broadcast to 30 seconds in order to get a clearer picture during weak internet connection. Once the app is installed, you will receive alerts on live streams in real time.

Unfortunately, unlike Facebook, this app doesn't use hearts and likes as a way to interact in a live broadcast. However, users can freely post comments and stickers during the broadcast. Among the features of the app is also that it allows you to create a group and chat with your friends regardless of the live broadcast.


To get the app: For Android - iOS

Twitch TV
This app is popular with video game players, it streams video games directly to Twitch with the availability of advanced features and streaming tools. Twitch is an Amazon platform available on the web and on smartphone platforms. According to recent statistics, around two and a half million shows are broadcast on this platform per month, where you will find live broadcasts for various fans and video game addicts, it does not mean that the broadcast screen is filled with the game, but at the same time you can show yourself directly in a small part of the screen.

Sarahah App I highly recommend if your direction is video games streaming or if you just want to watch this type of live streaming. It should be noted that it has a financial backing feature, so viewers can help you by sending money while you are broadcasting live.

Get the app: For Android - iOS

IBM Video Streaming
It was previously UStream and with a different appearance before changing its form and name to IBM Video, it is more anonymous to do a live broadcast for business or something like that, it provides reliable features that can be used while a live broadcast of a corporate event.

With it, you can explain a strategy or technology to your team members in the company only. Smooth and easy to handle and there are no complications in terms of broadcast communication. So if you have a business or project that you want to work on with your team members remotely, just use this app to explain and communicate your ideas and strategy.

Get the app: For Android - For iPhone

One cannot talk about the best live streaming apps without mentioning this app which has become very popular in recent times as it has become used by various celebrities in the digital world. Can be worked on a single live broadcast with commentary view. It is very important to create live shows for the sake of entertainment with your friends, so we find it used by younger bands.

One of its advantages is that your live broadcast can broadcast faster and get many views in a short time, and it also includes a system of rewards that can be received by viewers.

To download the application: For Android - For iPhone

A live broadcast is the perfect step to share an event or your skills with an audience, and it's a convenient way to engage those who aren't attending your meeting or event. In my personal opinion, I consider this medium to be the most effective and greatly contributes to developing your notoriety.