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8 Best Writing Apps For iPad

 8 Best Writing Apps For iPad

If you're a digital magazine writer, novelist, or something like that, it's possible to write homework on the iPad because it's the easiest and it has a big screen, and you can do it right here. take with you anytime and write on it anytime, anywhere. Now, writing texts on paper is uncomfortable and somewhat boring, unlike writing on iPad, through some apps that give you this functionality.

The best writing apps for iPad

In addition, we recommend that you use an external keyboard for comfortable typing. However, you can also use the iPad's internal numeric keypad if it is not available on the external keyboard. Here are the best apps with which you can write your articles on the iPad.


This is the official Apple app for writing texts, annotating or drawing something with Apple Pencil if you have it. Simple and easy to use app as well as various design templates you can write on. The app is fully compatible with Mac and iPhone devices, so it can also be used on a computer, and especially on a Mac system.

The app is completely free and works on iOS 12 and above regardless of Mac system, if you have less system for your iPad, check out our guide on Updating iPad System. You can download the app to the iPad device from App Store.

Microsoft Word

Usually it is the Word application that comes to our mind, we think of writing a specific text in a professional way, because it is the best known, oldest and most used in the digital world. The functions of Microsoft Word are well known, allowing you to write in an organized and professional way with control over the margins and frame or backgrounds with image or outline, in addition to placing a link to the text , not to mention many other tools.

When you want to write in Word on an iPad, just like a computer, you can save the file as PDF or other formats supported by the Word application provided in the Microsoft Office package. You should know that the Word version for phones or tablets is not like the computer version, the first does not include many tools as is the case with the computer version, but what is important has been updated. layout for writing text in an organized and professional way on iPad.

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iA Writer

The app is simple and easy to write in an organized and professional manner, with a professional and elegant interface. A copy of this application has also been provided on the Mac, you can also add colors to texts or images, in addition to other features. Unfortunately, the app is a paid app and must be purchased in order to use it. The price of the app is $ 9.99.

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Google docs

If you are used to working with Google Drive services, you will get Google Drive service sync through the Google Docs app, allowing you to write texts with other users at the same time. It contains the main tools to write texts in a free, simple and uncomplicated way.

As the name suggests, this is a Google app and has been provided for free for most systems including the iOS system which includes the iPad. It can work on iOS 11 or above.

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Microsoft OneNote

Another application from the Microsoft Office package, a unique writing application, we can say about it as a wonderful addition to what you have written, as it allows you to freely add notes, comments and lines, without talk about additional things you can do on this unique app.

The Sarahah app is worth a download for anyone interested in writing or proofreading texts and writing notes and comments on it. The app is free on iPad and works on iOS 12 and above.

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Text management app, you can also use it to write texts with more options, such as adding images and compatibility with Apple Pencil, in addition to its synchronization with other tools. One of the advantages of it is also that you can add web pages and audio recordings to it. The app is frankly unique because of the extra features it offers.

An app that includes a subscription feature for unlimited access to all of its tools, because for free use it includes limited features, but not all of them.

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Another app that deserves to be included in the list of best writing apps for iPad. An app designed for writing long texts by hand, it also allows you to add notes to text and you have many other important tools to do a lot of things in this app. You can import Word and RTF files for editing through the app with ease and simplicity.

Upon entering it, you will find a tutorial about it which provides all of its functions although it is easy to use, in case you find it complicated. Unfortunately, this app has to be purchased to get it and it is available for $ 19.99.

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We'll wrap up the list with this simple app that helps you write articles on iPad, either through the keyboard or manually through Apple Pencil. Simple and distinctive devices, it is easy to use and also allows synchronization with iCloud. It is also paid and must be purchased in order to use it, available for $ 9.99 in the AppStore store.

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 These are the apps I recommend for writing on the iPad, apps that will help you write professionally through Apple Pencil or through the keyboard, whether digital or external. These were the best writing apps for iPad, share your opinion with us, which one do you prefer?