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Best Chromebook Apps For Kids

 Best Chromebook Apps For Kids

A device with a Chromebook system is very safe and easy to control and use, and includes advanced parental control options, so I consider it the best device you can give your kids. But before that, here are the apps you need to install on your Chromebook before you give it to your kids.

The applications that I will present to you are varied and useful, including those that develop the mind and develop, including educational, entertaining games and applications that include content for children.

Best apps for kids on Chromebook

YouTube Kids

You should know that the main YouTube platform is not intended for children under the age of 13, so a platform has been provided Youtube Kids Special for them, with content suitable for children, free from any immoral content or violent, etc.

Youtube Kids It includes built-in parental control options, in which you can set a specific time to watch the content, so that your children do not spend a long time with the app.

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Lingokids is a learning app for kids, with which you can learn language, vocabulary and other educational activities. It is very safe and free from pornographic ads so don't worry.

The free version of the app gives you access to just 3 play options, while the paid version gives you access to all over 600 activities. You can subscribe to the paid version for $ 14 per month.

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Google Family Link

A very important and useful app for kids, it comes with a lot of features including setting the maximum limit that should be spent with each app, setting type time, restricting app usage, blocking any application or content not suitable for children, and other features. Additionally, these features all work with the sites and extensions you use on the Google Chrome browser, giving you full control over the content you provide to your kids.

You understand:

Google Family Link for parents

Google Family Link for kids and teens

Broadcast services

As the best option for streaming kids movie and cartoon content, I recommend using Netflix while using the available parental controls feature, such as Hide content there, and set a PIN for your profile. , and others.