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Download Rufoof Arabic Books Reading App For Android And iPhone

 Download Rufoof Arabic Books Reading App For Android And iPhone

The Rufoof app, which was previously called the Yaqoot app, is the perfect choice for lovers of reading books and novels, instead of buying books, you can use this app to read most books in high quality on your Android phone or iPhone. Rufoof is a huge library that includes a huge amount of books and novels in Arabic and English, and it has many features that make you change your mind about eBooks as it provides high quality content in EPub format. .

To get to know the app better before you download it, below we will show you the most important features that make it the best app for reading books, novels and stories on the phone

Features of Rufoof app for reading books

  1. It is a huge library of books, novels and stories available to read, which includes most of the most read and most requested books.
  2. Organization and ease of use, as it includes lists such as new books, featured stories and novels, the My Book section which includes all the books you have read and makes it easy to return to the page you are on. are stopped in order to finish reading.
  3. You can easily download the books available on it in order to read them while you are not available on the internet anytime and anywhere.
  4. It allows you to read and download books in high quality without any loss of clarity, as it is based on EPub e-book format, not pdf.
  5. One of the peculiarities of this also is that it displays all the information about a book, a story or a novel in order to get an idea of ​​it before downloading or reading it, because after entering a specific book by example you will find a summary of the book, number of pages, size of file to download, owner of the book, hours, reviews and ratings from readers, in addition to options to share the book on social media and add it to the wishes section for further reading.
  6. You can control the font according to what suits your view, as the option of making the font larger or smaller while preserving its quality is available, and you can also change the font type or change the back- plane in different colors such as dark, brown, light, green.
  7. An option has been made available to download the Nature Sounds package specially designed to help you focus and relax while reading.
  8. Plenty of sections for easy access to the type of books you like to read, such as stories and novels, personal development, religious science, social science, law, politics and the military, literature and poetry, loans and works, hobbies and arts, books in English, etc.

  1. The app provides you with a wide range of books for free and legally without violating copyright.
  2. The app provides you with the first ten free gems that you can use to buy paid books, and also allows you to buy or get free gems by completing your account details setup or watching the video, by plus other offers.
  3. The Rufoof app is available for free download on Android and iOS platforms.
  4. Smooth and fast use, you can browse the app freely without slowing down or consuming the device.
  5. It does not display ads.

Disadvantages of the application

In my opinion, this is not a flaw in the application, but there are those who will consider it as such, because our theories differ from each other.

  • The app provides some of the books for a paid fee, as you can buy them via gems, but on the other hand, it gives you a large number of books for free.
Download the Rufoof Book Reader App for Android and iPhone

The Rufoof app is available for free download from Google Play and App Store, and you can download it through the links below. Everything Rufoof offers is legal, as he has secured the publishing rights to many books, novels, and stories from publishers.

About the app

  1. Name: Rufoof
  2. Developer: Yaqut
  3. Category: Books and references
  4. Size: Varies by device for Android - 98MB on iOS.
  5. Language: Arabic English.
  6. the official website:
  7. Liberation: the latest edition
  8. the system: Android - iOS
  9. Compatibility: Android 4.1 or higher - iOS 9.0 and higher
  10. License: Free
  11. In-app purchase function: Yes

That's all worth saying about the best book, bookshelf reader app, an app that I highly recommend to all reading enthusiasts, and it will surely impress you in every way due to the many features. she has