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How To Change The Sound Of WhatsApp Messages Notifications

 How To Change The Sound Of WhatsApp Messages Notifications

How To Change The Sound Of WhatsApp Messages Notifications

Tired of hearing the same WhatsApp notification sound over and over again? You can change it via simple steps. Choose a unique and unobtrusive sound from the available voices. There is no need to change the voice through the phone settings, you can only do it through the settings of the WhatsApp app. Let's find out how below.

How to change the sound of WhatsApp message notifications

To get started, open the Whatsapp app on your Android or iPhone device. In the main interface, click on the three dots option at the top, then click on Settings.

Under the settings page, click on the Notifications section.

A page will appear for you to customize the notifications as you wish, including changing their sound. in the Messages section, click on a "Notification tone" option.

A window will open for you to select the app that the tone is in, choose your music app, then select the tone you want and click the Ok button. (Alternatively, WhatsApp can show you a list of tones available, that you can select one of them to set as the message notification sound.)

Under the Notifications section again, scroll down to the Groups section. Groups then click on the Notification tone option. Same steps as above, select the tone you want.

Also, if you want to change the ringtone volume of the phone while calling via WhatsApp, scroll down to the "Calls" section, then click on the "Ringtone" option, then select the ringtone you want. want if you directly see the music list, or tap the ringtone app and select the tone you want.

That's it, you are totally free to customize the sound of notifications on the WhatsApp app, and you can turn the vibration on or off when receiving messages and calls.

Turn off notification sound in WhatsApp Web

Regardless of WhatsApp, if you use web Whatsapp a lot, you cannot change the sound of its notifications, it comes with the default sound that we are used to hearing. However, you can turn off the WhatsApp web notification sound by following these steps:

In the main interface of WhatsApp Web, click on the Three dots option, Then select Settings.

Click on a Notifications section.

Uncheck a "Sounds" option.

depending on this, if you have an android phone and want to change its notification sound from settings