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How to Force Quit Apps on Android TV

 How to Force Quit Apps on Android TV

Sometimes an app doesn't perform as it should, causing discomfort. The app may be open but not working properly or it froze without any response, here in this case the easiest solution is to force close the app on your Android TV device.

One of the common solutions in smartphones when an app is not working is to force the app to close "Force Close" The same goes for Android TV smartphones. To find out how to do this, follow the steps below.

How to force quit apps on Android TV

Whether you are in the boring app or the main interface of the device, double click the home button on the remote control to display the list of recent apps "Recents Apps", In order to facilitate switching or l 'access to the previously opened application.

Use the D-pad on the remote to scroll to the app you want to force to close.

After that, click the scroll down button on the remote control to move the app preview to the X icon.

Click the Select "Select" button Or enter "Enter" in the remote control to reject the application.

Completed, the app is now forced to close on your Android TV. For reference, this does not mean that the app was deleted or permanently deleted from the device, but that it was only closed so that you can open it again by clicking on it.

As mentioned above, the process of forcing apps to quit fixes a lot of issues including slowness, unresponsiveness, or something along those lines.