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How To Hide Points In Snapchat

 How To Hide Points In Snapchat

As we know Snapchat It encourages users to use the app more than any other social network, giving lines and points for each account based on account usage, and it also displays Codes in the chats section . Such things do not exist at all on other social networks. However, there are those who want to hide the dots from their Snapchat account so that other users cannot see them.

There is some ambiguity about how Snapchat calculates these exact points, what users know is that you should always be using Snapchat to have those points on your profile increase and the streaks to upgrade. Any user can identify your Snapchat score, so if you want to hide it, keep reading this guide.

Where can I find my Snapchat points?

Open the Snapchat app on your Android or iPhone device, and the Snapchat camera will appear directly. Click on your profile icon at the top, if you have added a Bitmoji to your profile, your Bitmoji will be your profile icon.

Your profile interface will appear which includes many options including the option to add friends, Snapcode, Stories you posted, Your Snapchat username, in addition to the zodiac sign and a certain number of digits that are the dots of your Snapchat account. If you are a recent user, this number can be as low as zero or one, or it can be high if you are a former user of your account because it can be up to six digits long.

This number is the sum of your points on Snapchat, and it increases according to the activities you do on the network, such as creating stories and sending them to your friends, chatting, constantly logging into your Snapchat account, sharing your location on the map.

How do I hide my Snapchat score?

You need to know that not all users can see your Snapchat score, in order for them to know, you need to add each other. This makes it easy to exclude people you don't want to see your Snapchat points because you are simply deleting them as a friend on the network.

Unfortunately, if you want to keep a friend on Snapchat, they will be able to see your score on Snapchat whether you like it or not, as there is no option for you to hide your friends' score on the network. We hope that Snapchat will add the privacy option for the points so that users can hide the points that appear in the profile, even from their friends. Whereas users who are not friends cannot see your points if they access your profile.

As you can see, these are the privacy options currently available in Snapchat, and there is no option to hide points from friends. It is only in this guide that we tell you that the points can be hidden from anyone if you are interested, and only by defusing yourself. However, some people may add you just to see your Snapchat score. Therefore, we will use your privacy settings to our advantage to prevent them from doing so.

Open the Snapchat app and tap the profile tile at the top to go to your profile.

Click the gear icon to open the settings page, then scroll down to the “Who can…” section. Here you will find the various privacy settings of your account and set all options to "My Friends" My Friends "or just me" Only Me "as you wish so that users generally cannot access the information and options of your Snapchat account.