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How To Hide Your Active Status On Facebook Messenger

 How To Hide Your Active Status On Facebook Messenger

How To Hide Your Active Status On Facebook Messenger

Most of the users know how important it is to hide an active Facebook Messenger now, of course, in order to avoid inconvenience from their friends and family as it is difficult to ignore people's messages. that you don't want to talk to. you do not reply to him on Messenger while you are online, it is possible to be more upset and worried about you, and therefore to lose your social relation with him. This is where it is important to deactivate your online presence on Messenger, after that they will think that you are inactive on Messenger while they are sending the message, and this is what allows you to use Messenger comfortably. and communicate with whatever you want.

How to hide your active status on Facebook Messenger

Whether you are using Facebook Messenger on the phone using the Facebook Messenger app or through the web platform, now you can hide your asset with just a few simple steps. Get to know her.

Via the mobile app

The steps are the same on the app whether you are using the Android or iPhone version. To get started, open the Facebook Messenger app, then sign in to your account if you haven't already.

Click on your profile thumbnail that appears at the top.

Several options will appear, under the Profile section click on an Active Status option.

You will find an option under the name Show when you are active "Show when you are active" ، Turn off the button on the side, then select the button "Turn Off" in the popup that appeared.

Go back and you should see under the Active Status option "Off" instead of "On".

That's all there is to do, now even if you are on Facebook Messenger, your friends will not see that you are currently online, and therefore that you are sending messages freely and without disturbing others who send you. messages and ignore them. On the other hand, if you want to restore the state as before, you can go back to the same option and then activate it.

Use Facebook Messenger on the web

The active hiding is now enabled Facebook Messenger on the web very easy too. Once you log into your Web Messenger account, click on the Three dots option that appears at the top of Chats, then from the drop-down menu, select a Preferences option.

A window will appear with some preference settings. Click the Turn Off Active Status button.

Another window will appear that includes three selection options. The first option is to hide the asset now from everyone, the second option is to hide the asset now from everyone except some, and the third option that you can select if you want to hide the asset now from people. specific people only, you can select them in the box that appears when selecting the third option. If you want to hide the activity now from everyone, select the first option and then click the "OK" button.

We're done, your friends won't see you're on Facebook Messenger anymore, and you can chat with anything you want without disturbing others whose messages you ignore.