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How to insert a Word document into a OneNote file

 How to insert a Word document into a OneNote file

How to insert a Word document into a OneNote file

Did you know that you can embed a Word document in your OneNote notebook easily. You can insert the document into your notepad as a preview of a Word file, or include an attached Word file that appears as an icon in your notepad, and you can open it separately right after you have click on it. Here's how to include it.

How to insert a Word document into a OneNote file

First thing, launch the OneNote program Then open the notepad in which you want to insert the Word document. You can create a new notepad by clicking on the "File" File option in the menu bar, then selecting a New "New" option.

Now click on the Insert "Insert" tab as shown in the image below. Within the group of files we will use the two options File Printout "File Printout" and Cucumber Attachment "File Attachment".

The "PDF Printout" PDF printing and "File Printout" file printing options work the same. However, PDF printing is limited to PDF files only. Since we want to insert a Word document and not a PDF, we don't need to use the PDF print option, as we will rely on the "File Printout" file print option.

If you want the contents of the Word file to appear in your notepad, click print file "File Printout", if you want the file to appear as an attached icon in the notepad so that you can access the file separately after clicking on it, select an option "File Attachment". In our example, we'll use the first option.

A window will appear on your device to select the Word file you want to insert. Find it and select it, then click the Insert "Insert" button.

You will see the link to the Word file and its name, as well as print it on your notepad as shown below.

Keep in mind that you cannot edit the printing of a Word file to OneNote Notebook. You will need to update it from the source file. Once the source file has been updated, you can update the printout in Notebook by right-clicking on the document link in Notebook and then selecting the Refresh Printout option.

The contents of the print will be updated based on what is in the original file in real time.