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How To Share A Tweet On Snapchat Story

 How To Share A Tweet On Snapchat Story

Previously, users relied on capturing the screenshot from a Twitter app in order to share it in Story Snapchat but now it is no longer necessary so that you can easily share any Twitter tweet on the stories Snapchat in a distinctive way with the link to enter directly into the tweet.

Sharing a Twitter Tweet on Snapchat is like sharing any message on Instagram On the story, however, on Snapchat the Twitter tweet appears exhaustively i.e. includes the name the owner of the tweet, the date, the number of likes and comments, in addition to the possibility of accessing it directly on the Twitter application

How to share a tweet on Snapchat Story

To get started, open the Twitter app and head to the Tweet you want to share on your Snapchat story. Click the share icon at the bottom of the tweet.

You will be presented with a list of sharing options, click on the Snap Camera option.

The first time you do this, a message will appear informing you that Twitter wants to open the Snapchat app. Click Open to enable this.

You will see an interface for creating a story on Snapchat that includes this tweet, this tweet will appear as a poster, and you cannot move it out of place or change its size so you have to click the take a button. photo while the Twitter tweet will first appear on the story. Click the circular button to take a photo.

You can now change the size of the Tweet or move it around by clicking and dragging. You can also add flair to your story by writing text or adding sticker, music, cup and other tools to personalize your story.

When your story is ready, click the stock icon to choose where to post it or who you want to share it with.

Select the My Story option and choose the other people you want to send the story to privately, then click the stock icon to post.

The Twitter tweet has been posted to your Snapchat story, your friends can now swipe up on the story screen to view this tweet on the Twitter app