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Disable MIUI optimization on Xiaomi mobiles

 Disable MIUI optimization on Xiaomi mobiles

MIUI optimization is a feature that makes the user interface faster and smoother by parallel loading applications and their data. This feature is enabled by default on all Xiaomi devices running MIUI 7 or higher.

In our test, we tried toggle MIUI optimization on and off several times on our Mi 11 Lite, but the result was almost the same: same battery consumption, same RAM consumption, and same application management in background.

However, with optimization enabled, we found that apps running in the background stopped syncing data and it is impossible to set a third-party launcher like Apex, Nova, or Google Now ...

Thus, we were unable to install some APK and XAPK files on our mobile.

How do I turn off MIUI Optimization?

Some apps, like Vanced, require MIUI optimization to be turned off on your smartphone to work properly. However, this option is hidden on some models. To activate it, you must reset the preferences of the options for the developers.

We will show you in this article how to turn off Miui optimization on any Xiaomi phone.

To deactivate this feature, you must first activate the options for developers, to do this:

  1. Tap "Settings" then "About device".
  2. Tap "MIUI Version" several times until you see the message "You are now a developer".
  3. Now go back to settings and then tap on "Developer option".
  4. There you have it, once you have activated the development menu, you just have to access it and then deactivate the "MIUI optimization" option located at the bottom of the page.

  1. Wait for the warning time, then click "Accept" to confirm.
  2. If you cannot find this option, tap “Restore defaults” several times.