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Download iptv m3u playlist page 2022

 Download iptv m3u playlist page 2022

Before start to download iptv m3u files to play world live tv channels. Perhaps you will be interested in reading this article on insurance.

The importance of life insurance does not differ from other types of insurance, especially social and health insurance, as it is considered one of the most important foundations that provide financial security for the future of life. family, after the injury or death of the person responsible for family income. , but before buying this type of insurance must study all the financial capacities of the family and


What is life insurance?

This is an insurance contract concluded between the policyholder and the insurance company, in which it is agreed that the insurance company will pay a fixed sum of money in the event of the death of the policyholder. insurance to his heirs or assigns chosen by the insured. This, the policyholder is obliged to pay a sum of money in the form of monthly contributions, monthly premiums or one-off payments. the amount paid by the company to heirs or successors in the event of the death of the policyholder is also entered in the contract. the insurance policy may contain additional contracts or benefits, including disability, invalidity and critical illness, or a plan to provide children's college education or other goals and programs.

Who owns the insurance policy?

The holder of an insurance policy or the holder of an insurance certificate is a person who insures his life or property and who is in possession of a certificate of insurance. The contract applies to him as long as he has regularly paid the premiums due, and the insurance company is called the insurer. If the policyholder is late in paying the premiums, he may lose his right to the money. he can also terminate the insurance contract before maturity, but this exposes him to significant damage, as the insurance company does not reimburse him in full the premiums, but withholds a large part of them for itself.

Types of life insurance insurance only, which includes a contract under which the insurance company pays a certain sum of money to the heirs or beneficiaries registered in the contract in the event of the death of the policyholder during the period of validity of the contract. (the interest of the contract is to insure the heirs for a fixed period, obtaining the agreed amount in the event of the death of the insured - the head of the family - in order to ensure the family & apos; s vital needs and continue to live comfortably and stably after the death of the breadwinner. and savings insurance contract: under this contract, the Insurance Company pays the contracted amount to the heirs or beneficiaries in the event of the death of the policyholder, or pays the policyholder another contracted amount, for example, or he or she reaches the age of 65, for which he or she receives a pension.

Due to the different types of insurance contracted, the monthly premium paid by the insured to the insurance company according to the first type is significantly lower than the premium paid if he concludes a contract of the second type which includes savings, and the monthly premium can be increased by adding one of the additional protection contracts such as (accidents, amputations, serious illnesses, total and permanent disability)

Before purchasing insurance, there are several things you need to think about:

Long term needs

To determine whether it makes sense for you to purchase insurance to provide long-term financial assistance to your family members, you should consider these questions:

- How many people depend on your money? If the answer is no, you probably don't need life insurance.

- How much money do dependents need in terms of living expenses? One way to determine this amount is to look at the earned income that you regularly bring to your dependents, from this amount subtract the value of the property that the dependents will inherit from you and any amount that will be available to the public. private insurance sources or plans that fully cover expenses, which can be covered

How long does it take for dependents to become independent? If your children are not in college, they may not need the extra income, but if they are young, remember that the dependent spouses who care for them can usually resume. work at a given time, and some children may receive at least partial scholarships.

Short term needs

Evaluate if you need life insurance for short-term needs, through the following questions:

- What assets will be available to meet the immediate financial needs of people with disabilities? This may involve leaving money in bank accounts, or putting into circulation shares in joint possession or registered in the name of the beneficiaries on forms (transfer on death).

After your death, how much time will you have before transferring your property to your heirs? While most private assets are entered in wills containing all the conditions for the distribution of wealth, the time it takes will be shorter, and there is usually no need for insurance to cover short-term expenses except if you do not have a bank account, securities or other monetary assets. On the contrary, if most of the private property is transferred by law without a will, it will take several months, then your family and other heirs need insurance to have cash in their hands ready to use.

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