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How To Change Your Password On Mac 2022

 How To Change Your Password On Mac 2022

How To Change Your Password On Mac 2021

For security and privacy reasons, you might need to change your Mac password to make sure no one else is logging in and accessing your data. Yes, you can easily change your password on a Mac, and we'll go through the steps to do so in this guide.

Keep in mind that the password is not an Apple ID, so my advice is not to re-type your Apple ID in the password field. Make sure you create a strong, long, hard to remember password at first glance.

How to change the password on the Mac

To change the password on your Mac, you must first unlock it by entering your current password.

Click the Apple icon at the top of the screen, then from the drop-down menu, select a System Preferences option.

Head to the Users & Groups department "Users & Groups".

In the sidebar, select the account whose password you want to change. Next to the username on the 'Password' tab, click the 'Change Password' button.

A small window will appear to enter the old password and the new password. In the first field enter the current (old) password, then in the second field enter the new password that you want to use now, then in the third field enter the new password again for confirmation. After that, click on the button Change your password "Change Password".

The password will be immediately changed. From now on, you need to enter the new password on your Mac.

If you are using iCloud with your Mac, you will receive a notification asking you to confirm your Mac password to continue using iCloud services. Click on the notification to open the Apple ID section of System Preferences, then enter your Apple ID password and your Mac password