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How To Know The Most Used Applications On Your iPhone

 How To Know The Most Used Applications On Your iPhone

Sometimes you might need to know which apps you use a lot on iPhone, either on your device or on your kids' device, of course, in order to get a feel for what you are doing. on your device and the time you spend there with the apps every day. But before you know that, you need to turn on Apple's Screen Time feature first. Here's how to do it.

Turn on Screen Time on iPhone

As mentioned above, we will need to activate the Screen Time feature first. The latter helps you track your activities on the iPhone, and also helps you set restrictions on the use of apps if you want to.

To activate it, open Settings "Settings" then click on a section Screen Time "Screen Time".

After that, click on Turn on Screen Time option, Then select This is My iPhone "This is My iPhone" Or This is my iPhone of my child "This is My Child's iPhone".

After that, the Screen Time summary page will appear with no data because we have not used the device yet after activating Screen Time.Screen Time ". Now you can use the device and the function will track your activities and collect data on the most used apps on your device.

How to know the most used applications on your iPhone
Keep in mind that if you just turned on Screen Time, you won't get the list of most used apps because the feature has just started working and you need to track your app usage first.

Once the feature is enabled, use your iPhone as you normally would. After a while you can enter Settings, then click on the Screen Time option "Screen Time" and look at the statistics which show the apps you use the most in detail.

In the Screen Time Summary interface, you will see a graph showing your average daily iPhone usage. Just below, click on the See All Activity button.

On the next page, choose whether you want to view your most used apps over a period of a day, a week, a month, or a year from the top. (If you keep screen time on longer, more options will appear).

Then scroll down to the Most Used section ، You will see a list of the apps you use the most in order during the specified time period.

As shown in the image above, you will see the list of apps categorized based on how long each app was used, and the total time spent on each app will be displayed next to it.

Add application usage restrictions
If you don't want to abuse certain apps on iPhone, you can set usage restrictions for each app, and those restrictions consist of setting a limited usage time for each app so that you can't exceed that period of time. use. To do this, click on the app for which you want to set usage limits below the list, then scroll down and select an option Add limit "Add Limit".

You will see a screen where you can set a time limit for the app in hours or minutes, so that you cannot use the app more than the limit you set. Once the limit is defined, click on the Add button "Add"