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How to make Android look like an iPhone

 How to make Android look like an iPhone

The iPhone has an attractive design and differs from the interface of Android. If you are tired of seeing the Android interface and are more drawn to the iPhone interface, luckily you can customize the Android design to your liking, installing some of the apps that will make your Android phone look like the iPhone.

How to make Android look like an iPhone

In this guide, we are going to find out which apps you need to install on your Android device to make it an iPhone design. come on let's start.

Phone 12 Launcher

To make your Android phone an iPhone design, it is necessary to install a Phone 12 Launcher app which makes a complete transformation of the Android interface and makes it look like the iPhone interface, even the app icons will change and appear in the style they appear on iPhone.

This launcher supports its own widgets independent of Android widgets. It also includes a panel on the left that includes shortcuts to apps like weather ، contact, and other suggested apps. It also includes a lock screen like that of the iPhone.

You can go to the launcher settings and change a few things as you like, such as wallpaper, swipe action and effect, lock screen, lock apps, etc. It should be noted that you can also display the Control Center, which is exactly like the one on the iPhone.

iMusic - Music Player

In addition, we can use a music player like the one in the iPhone. The app we will be using is iMusic - Music Player. Via the latter, you can listen to music and audio files in various formats including WAV, MP3, AAC, OGG, 3GP, FLAC, MIDI.

It has an iOS 14 style user interface which is quite similar to the official music player app on the iPhone. The app also allows you to set a sleep timer that plays a music alarm according to your preference.

You can access several options in the app by clicking on the three-dot option at the top. Besides, it supports offline display of lyrics.


You will be presented with an application iCalendar The iOS calendar on iPhone, specifically with the design of iOS 14. It is compatible with Google Calendar And it has an easy design. It has a very organized and easy to use interface, and allows you to quickly enter reminders and events and keep track of your schedule in a clear and easy way.

When creating an event, you can select the calendar to add to it. You can also re-create an event and add an alert to it to be reminded and not forgotten. When you click on a date with an event, the event will appear at the bottom of the calendar. 

It is a simple application characterized by an organized and easy interface, it is very suitable for use on Android and impresses your friends with the look of iPhone in your phone, both in terms of applications and user interface.

Remember that you still have an Android device, but at least with these apps you can enjoy the design and look of your iPhone. Yes, only three apps that let you turn the look of Android into iPhone, and if I missed any other app, don't forget to leave it in the comments below.