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How To Type Using Voice On Android

 How To Type Using Voice On Android

We know that most users of Android devices rely on the keyboard to type their texts by touch, but this is not the only way for the user to type by voice. Using your voice to type texts on Android can be much easier and more useful.

This feature depends on the type of keyboard you are using and there is no official keyboard app for Android devices. However, there is a Gboard app from Google that allows you to do this, and there are many similar apps that allow you to type by voice as well.

How to type using voice on Android

Since Gboard is the most used keyboard app on Android, we will defer to it in this guide, and many other keyboard apps.It also includes the functionality to convert audio to text, and you can find similarities in the steps to do it.

Above all, make sure you install Gboard from Google Play Store and set it as the default keyboard on your Android device.

First of all, if the keyboard voice input feature was not enabled before, you need to do so. Well, let's check it out. Bring up the keyboard and tap Gear icon that appears on it.

The settings page will appear. Choose a "TypinG voice" voice writing option.

Make sure the button next to the option. is activated Use voice input "Use typinG voice".

With voice typing enabled, you can now go back and display the keyboard where you want to type. Click the microphone icon to start typing by voice.

If this is your first time using this feature, the app may ask you to allow the use of the phone's microphone. Grant it the permissions by clicking the Allow button "Allow In the pop-up window or in other versions of Android, tap When using the" While Using the App ".

Gboard will start listening when you see a phrase now speak "Speak now" at the top of the keyboard, then you can say whatever you want to type. When finished, tap the microphone icon again to stop.

In real time as you speak, your voice will be converted to text at the location you selected for input, ready to be transmitted. This is a great feature for those who are not good at typing with keyboards.