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How to Export Bookmarks from Google Chrome

 How to Export Bookmarks from Google Chrome

Of course, most users of Google Chrome browser or otherwise have a list of "Bookmarks" the latter makes it easier to navigate so that you can just go back to any web page you have included in the list. Google Chrome gives you the option to export your bookmarks so that you can put them in any new browser and feel like you're using the previous one.

The process of exporting bookmarks results in the creation of an HTML file that you can import into other browsers, be it Google Chrome or otherwise, in order to use those bookmarks on the new browser.

How to export bookmarks from Google Chrome

First, open the Google Chrome browser that includes bookmarks on your computer, then click on the three-dot option in the top corner to bring up a list of options.

In the menu that appears, hover over favorites "Bookmarks" then select a "Bookmark Manager" option in the sub-menu that appears.

Under the bookmarks manager page, you will see all of your saved web pages. Click on Three dots at the top of the blue bar, then select an Export Bookmarks option from the menu.

An HTML file will be generated that includes all of your bookmarks. In the window that appeared, you can choose the path to save the file to your computer, in addition to the ability to set a name for the file if you wish. Once you have chosen the path and name of the file, click on the "Save" button.

The file will be saved directly to the location you chose, and you can transfer it to any device and import it into your browser of choice. If you want to import bookmarks to Google Chrome browser, just follow these simple steps.

How to import bookmarks to Google Chrome

  1. Open the Google Chrome browser and click on the three-dot option at the top.
  2. Hover your mouse pointer over a favorite "Bookmarks" option.
  3. In the submenu that appeared, select a "Bookmark Manager" option.
  4. Now click again on the option for three dots in the blue bar at the top and then select an option Import bookmarks "Import bookmarks".
  5. A window will open to select the HTML bookmarks file on your computer. Select it and click the open "Open" button.
  6. Directly, the bookmarks will be integrated into the browser.
Honestly, bookmarks are a very useful feature to make it easier to navigate and return to any important web page you have come across.