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How To Share Your Location On Facebook Messenger

 How To Share Your Location On Facebook Messenger

We are often asked: Where are you? in Facebook Messenger or social networks in general. Now, with smartphones, it's easy to share your location with anyone on Facebook Messenger. If you are asked where you are, simply use the following steps to submit your exact location.

This feature is available on the Facebook Messenger app on iPhone, iPad and Android devices. It not only allows you to send your geographical position, but also to track your movements on the map. Here's how.

How to share your location on Facebook Messenger

Before you start, you need to be careful who you want to share your location with, as they may redirect your location to someone else.

First, go to Facebook Messenger and open the chat where you want to send your location.

Under Chat, tap The four spikes located on the underside.

In the menu that appears, click on Location "Location".

Here the app will ask you to allow you to access your location on the map. To do this, click on the Allow access option at the "Allow location access" position. If this is your first time doing this, you will only see two small windows asking you to allow the app to access your location. Then click on Allow "Allow".

Directly your geographical location will be determined in the map. If you want to send your friend to another location so they know how to get there, search for that location in the search bar at the top.

To share your location, you can either share your live location which shows your movement on the map, or just share your current fixed location. For the first one, just tap on Start Sharing Live Location.

Your live location will be shared for 60 minutes by default, to end sharing before this time elapses, just click the Disable “Stop Sharing Live Location” button.

If you want to share your exact fixed location, or any location that cannot be found through the search function, click on the geolocation icon as shown in the image below.

You can now move the map to create the geolocation icon where you want to share. After that you can click on the Send Location button.

That's it, it's a great way to share your location directly to track your movements or statically. It's much better than texting addresses and giving constant updates on where you are.