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Earn PayPal Balance 2022: An application that pays for the deactivated and activated account

 Earn PayPal Balance 2022: An application that pays for the deactivated and activated account

Are you looking for how to earn free PayPal balance? Or how to earn PayPal balance for free?


In this article, we will learn how to register with Paypal and how to earn Paypal balance for free

  And how do we activate a PayPal account for free, and is it possible to create an Arabic PayPal?

What are the best profitable sites that support PayPal?

You can use PayPal balance to buy anything you want to buy online

So today we will show you how to earn Paypal balance

Create and activate a PayPal account

In the beginning, creating a PayPal account or registering with PayPal is very easy, just download the application or enter the PayPal website

And then create a PayPal account by entering your information required to register

After creating an account, you will need to activate a PayPal account, and you can activate PayPal by entering a MasterCard

You can also leave the account without activation, but it is preferable to create a PayPal account and activate it

Registering with PayPal is very easy, as we mentioned

But after creating a PayPal account, you will need a PayPal balance to use for online purchases

Can we ship paypal for free or get free paypal credit

Can we charge a PayPal account for free or earn a PayPal balance for free?

 In fact, yes, we can do that through applications that give PayPal balance for free in exchange for completing some tasks in the applications

And we will learn about the best application that gives paypal balance for free

Earn free paypal balance

Today we will explain an application that works to earn PayPal balance for free through your phone only

And the link to the application will be at the end of the post

It is an application that enables you to earn money by watching videos and browsing

It is the best free PayPal balance earning app

And as we mentioned, you can profit from it by watching videos, and there are also many profit methods available in the application

And as we mentioned, the BuzzBreak application pays for unactivated and activated PayPal as well!

And this is what most people are looking for

Or are they looking for profitable sites that support PayPal?

But today we offer you this most wonderful application

Link to download the application from Google Play

Download from here

How to charge PayPal balance for free via the app

There are many ways and ways to profit from this application

You can earn by watching the videos in the application

And you can also profit from browsing within the application!

It is an application like Facebook and like other social media

But this app gives you points for browsing inside it

You transfer the points to PayPal balance and withdraw it to your account

How to get all the points in the application and earn PayPal balance for free

As we mentioned, you can browse and watch videos to earn points

But there are many ways to earn in the application

After installing the application on your phone

Open the application from the list of applications

You can go to the wallet section of the application

To show you tasks that complete all the tasks to get points to exchange points with PayPal balance

And you can also enter my referral code to win 100 points

By going to the wallet section

And click on the “Click Referral Code” button.

And as shown in the following picture

Another interface will pop up

And you will enter my referral code to win 100 points

And this is the code ( B18975765 )

You place it and then click Confirm

And you will get a message that you got 100 points

You will get 100 points after entering the referral code

There is an opportunity for all users of the application to win $ 10 win PayPal balance for free without any effort

Only by obtaining a ticket from within the application

Then go to "spin and win"

You spin the wheel to get money

And there is a great chance to win $10 Paypal by spinning the wheel

You can also share your referral code with your friends

To profit from the application, the application gives you 20% of the profits of your friends

There are also many offers in the application that you can complete to get points

Also, the application gives daily free points

Every 24 hours, you can get free points by clicking on the "Earn" section and then clicking on the "Check in" button.

How to withdraw PayPal balance for free from the application

As we mentioned, the application pays for active and inactive PayPal

When you reach the minimum withdrawal limit of 50,000 points

You will go to the "Wallet" section of the application

And then click on “Cash Money”

It will show you how many points you have

You will need 50,000 points as a minimum to withdraw, which is equivalent to $5 in the application

And this application is considered one of the best applications specialized in making money and is believed to be true, as there are thousands of people that withdraw daily from the application and payment takes less than 24 hours only.

Link to download the application from Google Play

Download from here

In conclusion, today we have provided an explanation of how to earn PayPal balance for free on our Marwan Al-Haddad website


I hope you have benefited from this explanation and post

 On "Marwan Al-Haddad's Blog"

Stay safe and may God protect and take care of you.

You can leave a comment below if you encounter a problem or have a question.

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