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Here are the most important principles of e-marketing for 2022

 Here are the most important principles of e-marketing for 2022

Principles of e-marketing, e-marketing is an important means of this era, as e-commerce has become of great interest by many individuals, especially owners of small or large projects who want to reach a larger number of potential customers, through many different marketing methods. Marketing principles are strategies that companies undertake to display their product in the best way in the market. These strategies depend on the product's shape, price, and reasons that will persuade the customer to buy your product over others, in a simplified concept of what has been mentioned.

 Marketing strategy is the actual form of promotion that a company will adopt, and every company is different in the strategies they adopt.

What is the definition of e-marketing and what is its importance?

The concept of marketing is a type of persuasion owned by individuals or institutions to sell their product through their own methods of persuasion, enabling them to convince you of the quality of their product over other products, and this includes all aspects of the product in terms of product price, quality, warranty, and form. All of these factors decorate it for each marketer so that the customer makes the purchase and the marketer achieves his selling plan.

The importance of e-marketing 2022:

Marketing is of great importance to both the business owner and the customer, as each has a motive that he wants to achieve. For example, I am a customer who wants to buy a car. Here, marketing, I will benefit from marketing in the differentiation between the car brands in the market, as each company will master the display of its production from The cars are better in all the important aspects of the car, so I, as a buyer, will benefit from marketing and this is through my choice of the car that will be in line with my capabilities, in addition to my conviction of the specifications of that car away from the price, which I will get from the widespread marketing of that car.

On the other hand, how will institutions and companies benefit from marketing?

 Through e-marketing, I can benefit as a company or institution by finding more buyers for my product and it will also allow me to present my product to a larger category of potential customers, in addition to that I will be able to explain and display my product in a proper way for me as a company and for the customer whose purchasing need I address, as The essence of marketing lies in filling or filling the feeling of need for the buyer in addition to reassuring the buyer with the product that he will buy.

Herein lies the essence of e-marketing, as it works to bring together the two poles of buying and selling to achieve each of their planned goals.

Principles of e-marketing in 2022

Marketing Elements:

E-marketing has several important basics, which you must know through your specific marketing strategy through which you will work to achieve the goals of your projects, and these basics consist of elements that we will mention to you now.

first element (product)

Before I produce any product or service, I must first find some answers to those questions through which I will know whether my product will meet market acceptance or not.

  1. First, is my product important in the market in which it will be exported?
  2. Does it solve a specific problem for some people?
  3. Does it have a competitive advantage to face similar products? Or is it considered unique and has never been produced before?
  4. Is its market price acceptable to potential customers to purchase the product? Or will be a hindrance to the buyer?

Those are all the questions that any private business owner should take into consideration in order to be able to reach or address his potential clients easier for both of them.

second element (place)

The place is one of the most important elements of marketing for any commodity, because through the place I can get customers who want to buy my commodity or service in an easier and faster way.

Simplified example:

If my product is veiled and niqab clothes, and I display my product in swimwear and bracelet groups, the question here is whether my product will be approved or purchased? The answer, of course, is no, because I am addressing a customer who is not interested in my goods and will not look at it because it is not one of his interests. For this place, one of the essential things to do a marketing process that can bring you good results, even if you do not find a buyer at the present time, you have addressed customers who are likely to buy your commodity in the future.

third item (price)

Usually the buyer looks at the price of the product or service, and then decides if he completes carefully looking at the features of the commodity and its content, or not. Therefore, the price is one of the important elements within your marketing plan. Always take into account that the consumer feels that he got a product at a lower price than he deserves and this is from By presenting your product in a way that attracts your customers and shows the weaknesses of your competitors, and in the end, you offer a price that your customers cannot think twice, but rather makes them find it an irreplaceable opportunity.

An example to know the importance of the price component in your marketing plan

If you hear ad content that says $9 for a limited time offer, of course the price will draw your attention and through this method you will play on the psychological factor of the potential customer in addition to that you have attracted his attention, from here you have achieved two important steps for your marketing plan.

So the essence of the element can be in

Playing on the psychological feelings of the customer + drawing attention to your product in an impressive way, remembering all the advantages of the offer, which will be for a limited time = achieving your goals and increasing your profits

The fourth element (promotion)

Promotion is the essence of marketing principles, through which the name of your product can reach a greater number of people.

* I can make a TV ad to showcase my product and target housewives and seniors from that ad.

* I can also create a motion graphic advertisement in an innovative and attractive way to target teenagers and potential customers on social media.

In addition, I can make an advertisement through the banners on public roads such as the axis, the ring road and others, in order to target the segment of drivers and workers who are always busy who do not watch TV or have nothing to do with social media.

All of these points are from the basic concepts of the right promotion, which works to display the product in the right way in the right place for each category you want to target.

The fifth element (knowing enough information about the target group of customers)

Here, the more you have sufficient and complete information about the category of customers you want to target, the better you will be able to succeed in achieving your goals, and this element is one of the most important basics of e-marketing. Because it provides us with knowledge of the type of commodity that corresponds to that society, in addition to the society's purchasing capabilities and basic needs for it.

The sixth element (knowing the return on investment)

Using e-marketing makes it easy to know the return on investment, in a simpler way, I will be able to know the profit that I will get after knowing the expenses paid in e-marketing.

Expenses of the marketing strategy followed by subtracting the return on investment = the profit achieved.

Summary of the aforementioned marketing elements

If you have the gift of persuasion, you can succeed in multiple areas of marketing.

Working alone limits the potential creativity opportunities offered by the group.

You must always develop yourself, and this is in terms of advanced technologies in the ever-changing e-marketing market.

Knowing the behavior and needs of customers is one of the important methods in e-marketing.

Studying competing products, knowing their weaknesses and mentioning them in marketing your product or service in your preferred marketing method is important and attractive to customers.

Attention to the content provided, the ease of access for customers to your service or the presence of a competitive price for your service, is one of the most important elements of e-marketing.

The most important principles of e-marketing 2022

There are several basic principles that you must follow in your marketing plan in order to bear fruit. There are several main factors that you must know through your e-marketing work.

1- Mastering the content presented to the customer:

Mastering the content presented to your customers and instilling confidence in your customers towards your product or service is one of the most important basic marketing points, so always use content that displays your product or service in an impressive manner that attracts more customers and builds a bridge of trust between you.

2- Ease of use and speed:

One of the important principles of e-marketing is the ease and speed of any part that serves your customers' communication with your product.

simplified example

There are some clothing brands that display their products through a website for the company or institution, it is desirable for me as a customer to find ease and speed in navigating within the site, as this feature is an important factor for the customer to complete the purchase process, or he may feel bored because the site is slow or difficult Navigate through it, in which case the customer will not complete the purchases and lose the presence of many customers because of this problem.

3- Learn more skills when you use e-marketing:

When you start practicing e-marketing, you must learn a number of skills that will help you reach your goals faster and clearer, as learning e-marketing is like learning for any of the other areas that you need to study and mistakes to learn from until we master them through those stages. So, if you want to get good results from your marketing plan, study well, learn from your mistakes, and be aware of all the developments that occur in the field on an ongoing basis.

4- Use your website to build a bridge of trust between you and your customers

Website owners achieve greater confidence from potential and existing customers towards their product, so your website is a bridge of trust that you build between you and your customers and this happens by answering your customers’ questions and communicating with them directly, in addition to that you can ask your customers to share their experiences about your product or service On the social networking site, in order to instill confidence in potential new customers to buy your product.

5- Develop a specific strategy for your product through e-marketing:

It is better for the individual or companies to adopt a specific strategy for their marketing plan, as the use of more than one method will cause confusion and lack of focus in something in addition to being able to destroy your project and not achieve any profits, but will incur more losses so always use a specific plan Through which you can achieve your marketing goals and get your weighted earnings.

6- Have a way to deliver your product to remote places:

Owning a means of delivery for your product or service to distant cities, which do not usually have a delivery from your competitors, is one of the most important principles of e-marketing, through which you will work to attract larger groups of customers who will always rely on you specifically to request that service or commodity.

It is also necessary to provide affordable shipping costs for your product, as many customers cancel the idea of buying products because of the exaggerated shipping prices that are sometimes greater than the price of the basic product.

7- Have a unique product:

Owning a unique product that does not have many competitors, will help you a lot in your e-marketing strategies, as it will save you a great burden through time and money, so that you have to distinguish your product from all competitors in the market.

You can do this through handicrafts through which you can own a project and market your product through multiple means of marketing, and the advantage here is that you will be marketing a product that you know all about, and you can present it in an attractive way to your customers.

What are the types of e-marketing:

E-marketing has more than one way in which you can take advantage of the advanced technologies in this era, which will work on the success of the marketing plan for any business owner, and among the types of e-marketing are what we will mention now:

Content Marketing:

It is the use of content in an integrated and comprehensive manner through a set of specific and studied plans, in order to attract the largest possible number of customers.

Promotion for a commission:

It is the employment of a team made up of a group of people, to promote your product or commodity in exchange for a commission on each sale of a good or service.

- Social media:

It is the use of various social media such as Snapchat, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Linkedin, to market to my products and to target a larger number of potential customers to buy your services or goods.

Email Marketing:

You can use emails to send offers and features of your products and services to a number of target customers who are interested in what you offer.

Sponsored ads:

Sponsored ads are among the e-marketing strategies, as you can target a specific gender and age in a specific area who are interested in buying your goods or services.

SEO search engines:

This is by creating blogs, writing articles that are SEO-friendly and topping Google searches, as this increases your site visitors and thus will increase your profits.

Email Marketing Steps:

There are several steps that you must rely on before you start marketing your product or commodity through e-marketing.

Monitoring specific goals you would like to achieve through e-marketing.

Knowing the people and target groups through the e-marketing plan.

Work to start promoting your product through various means through the aforementioned e-marketing.

What are the advantages of e-marketing?

E-marketing has several advantages that distinguish it from other traditional marketing plans, the most important of which are the following:

Creating a bridge of trust between customers and the provider of the good or service, through direct communication between them.

- The ability to use all the advanced capabilities of e-marketing through modern technologies that change every day.

Save effort and money if you do a traditional marketing process.

- Availability to publish your product or services in many places and countries while you are in your place, in order to target variable customers for your services.

In the end:

E-marketing is an important technology in our time, through which we can change the course of our lives for the better if we understand all its interior, basics and principles, so if you want to enlarge your project and reach a larger group of targets, you must learn the principles of e-marketing, and practice the field through science and the use of With experts in this field to achieve the goals of your marketing plan.