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How to get new blog visits (5000+) per month in 7 steps

 How to get new blog visits (5000+) per month in 7 steps

Getting visits to the new blog is one of the most difficult things that you will face when creating a serious blog, as the beginnings are always difficult, but if you follow what I will tell you in this article, you will achieve very large visits and in a short period as well. I personally used these steps and techniques and got very good results as my new blog achieved 5000 monthly visits after 30 days of applying these techniques.

How to get visits to the new blog in 2022:

1- Share this blog with your friends:

 You may see or think that this is useless, but believe me, you will benefit a lot from this step, as it represents or a source of visits to your new blog.

Also, ask your friends to share the link of your blog with their friends and friends of their friends in order to benefit from the largest number of visitors at the beginning of your blog journey.

You can share the blog link on your Facebook page, or share the blog link on WhatsApp with all your contacts, you will find a very good interaction from friends. Try and you will not regret since it is the first and most important step when you launch your new blog. If you see this method, it is very useful, and it is from my experience and my success story.

2- Publish the new blog on social networking sites:

Another very awesome way to get visitors to the new blog, what I mean is to publish the blog link in groups, pages, and groups of Facebook, Telegram and WhatsApp, and it is preferable to focus on groups that are in the same field and specialize your blog for a very important reason.

If the visitor is interested in the field that you present in the blog, he will browse some topics at the very least, which will serve your new blog a lot, but if the visitor is not interested in the field that you present in the blog, he will definitely leave the blog without any interaction because he simply loves the field of football and you want him to care In movies and series.

I remember that I posted on a group specializing in profit from the Internet on Facebook, and young people wrote hello. I want you to express your opinion about my serious blog, Daleel Blog, and I attached the link to the blog and wow, after three days, what I did not expect happened. Visits to the blog increased by 500%, and in three days I had double visits What I got in a month.

Of course, not all groups will accept posting links, but when you tell them that your blog is new and that you want advice from them, the admin will most likely agree to your request, given that your blog is in the same field as the group or Facebook group, repeat the matter with a number of groups and groups and you will get enough visits.

3- Archiving the blog in search engines:

Archiving a blog is simply creating a blog according to the standards and specifications of search engines so that your blog appears in search engine results, and when the blog appears in search engines, you will get visits.

Unlike publishing in groups and Facebook groups, archiving is done once, but its results are continuous forever. In a previous article, I talked about archiving the Blogger blog and preparing it for search engines. You can and should look at it and apply it well, step by step, and accurately as well.

The importance of archiving is that it brings you continuous and free visits from search engines. Free visits are the basis for profit from any blog. The owner of any website wants to get many visits to his blog so that he can convert these visits into profits.

4- Use long keywords:

SEO experts always say that long keywords are better in terms of competition, especially for serious blogs, for example, the word phones is a short keyword consisting of one word, so it is very competitive, meaning if you use this word in your articles, it will never appear in search engines searches.

Because such a word is difficult to compete, but if you use, for example, the long keyword cheap Huawei phones, you can compete and even issue the first result on the search engines and thus imagine how many free and continuous visits your blog will get, and thus you will get very good profits.

Yes, if you are not familiar with what I am saying and that this is new to you, this is what is called SEO and its techniques, and it is the method used by website owners to obtain continuous visits from search engines and for free also. Here is my previous article What is SEO and its importance in bringing visits to the blog