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4 sites to check if a website is down or not

 4 sites to check if a website is down or not

Browsing the Internet is not difficult as you know, you just need to connect through the service operators in your country, then launch the preferred browser on the device, then type the website link in the address bar and press Enter to start downloading the website. It's easy steps we do every day, but sometimes it just doesn't go well, the site or app you used to visit several times a day suddenly doesn't load while other sites are working fine. There are many reasons, of course, but the first step to diagnosing the problem is to make sure that the site is completely inaccessible to everyone, you are not alone. If so, just wait until the site is back in service.

Below we highlight 4 websites that you can use to check the status of websites/app easily.

First location: Downdetector

Downdetector website | Owned by well-known Ookla, it gives you a real-time overview of different websites and services, including ISPs, mobile networks, airlines, and transportation, not just popular sites like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter...etc. The site provides detailed information on each site's page, so it tells you if they really have a problem or not. If so, it allows you to see which countries are affected by the outage, and how many reports users have made about the site downtime. If it's a well-known site like, in the "Most reported problems" list, you'll see the specific problems such as when your News Feed page is blank, the sign-in option doesn't work, your photos don't load, and so on. Overall it is a great site and it has an app available for smartphones as well.

Second site: Outage Report

Outage Report | It is not much different from the previous model, as it supports a huge number of popular websites on the Internet in addition to the services offered by different companies. It also shows you on any site's page if the site is actually down, when the failure occurred, and where exactly on the site it is located, as well as the countries affected by this failure.

The only thing special about this site is that you don't need to refresh the web page to see everything new - all changes happen right in front of your eyes. On the left side you will find a counter of reports submitted in the last 20 minutes, and the date of the outage for this site. On the right side, you'll find user reactions on Twitter about this outage and other comments from other users on the Outage Report website itself.

Third Location: Is It Down Right Now

Is It Down Right Now | Another place you can turn to is to help you find out if the website you're trying to browse is generally down. How it works depends on visiting the site you want to check in real time to see if it works for everyone or the problem with your device. All you have to do is type the website link and press the Check button for the verification tool to check the server. If you see a “DOWN” message, this means the server is not responding, and therefore the outage is general.

On the View Status page you will also find useful information such as the duration of the outage and a history of outages that this site has been experiencing, as well as comments from users about outages. The site also offers a great feature which is to pin a button to the Bookmarks bar of your browser. Anytime you find that the site you are trying to visit is not working, press that button to check its status directly on the Is It Down Right Now site.

Fourth Location: Down For Everyone Or Just Me

Down For Everyone Or Just Me | It is the simplest website that you can use to check the statuses of different websites and services on the Internet. It doesn't offer any additional features like the templates shown in this list, it just tells you if the site is down or not. All you have to do is type the website address in the field and press the Or Just Me ? button. Then it will tell you if the problem with this site is general or just you.