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All you need to know about hidden Facebook apps on your phone 2022

 All you need to know about hidden Facebook apps on your phone

Most of the operating systems for computers and phones come with pre-installed applications called bloatware, from Windows 10, which we previously explained how to remove them for better performance, to Android phones that also come loaded with some Google applications that cannot be removed. Of course, the bloatware is not our topic for today, but we will talk about the 3 hidden Facebook applications that come pre-installed on your device and that you may not have noticed before, or you have noticed but did not know what their role is on your Android phone.

1 Where do you find these hidden apps on your phone

As an Android user, you know that in recent years and with modern phones, the Facebook application has come pre-installed on the phone, in some cases you can delete it from the phone, and in other cases you can only disable it. In addition to the main Facebook application from which you browse the social networking service, there are 3 Facebook applications that come installed on your device in a hidden way, meaning that these applications do not appear on the main screen for a reason we will know later, but you can access them from the phone settings, how?

Just go to the phone settings (Settings), then type Facebook in the search box and wait for a while, then the three named applications will appear: Facebook App Installer, Facebook Services and Facebook App Manager These are the three hidden applications from Facebook, in addition to the appearance of the main Facebook application ordinary. But if you don't see anything, your phone is probably not talking, or your phone originally doesn't come pre-installed with Facebook apps.

2 The purpose of having these applications on your phone

According to what Facebook mentioned about the matter, in short, these three applications act as tools in the background to ensure that the Facebook applications used by the average user (Facebook, Instagram, and Messenger) are updated, installed on the latest version, and work without problems. For example, while this user is considered too lazy to update the Facebook application from the store, these applications - which cannot be opened and do not have a user interface - make sure that he is using the latest full version of the Facebook application. You can find out more information about each application separately by going to its page on Settings (App info) and then going to App details, and there you will know more details about each application.

In detail, Facebook said on the topic: "To ensure people have the best experience, we partner with mobile operators and device manufacturers to pre-install Facebook apps on devices. Android apps aren't hidden - you can find them under Settings > Apps on your device. Apps often don't have Facebook apps on their devices. The system has app icons because it doesn't have any user interface — they're background utilities to support other apps, in this case they keep Facebook's consumer apps updated and notifications delivered."

3 How about deleting these apps from your phone

Now that you know what these apps are and what they do, you might consider deleting these apps from your phone. If you use Facebook applications, of course it is better to leave these applications running as they are, because in the end they help you to have a better experience with Facebook products.

If you are not a fan of Facebook products and applications and do not use them, then here it is better to disable these applications, because first, you cannot delete them from the phone permanently, unfortunately, and secondly, despite the statements of Facebook and phone companies that these applications do not affect the performance of the phone and do not collect Any personal data, but we know that Facebook has a long history of collecting user data, so it's always better to disable these three apps from your phone if you don't need them.

 4 How to disable these three applications

As we mentioned previously, you cannot permanently delete these applications from your phone, but you can disable them if you are not using any of the Facebook applications (Facebook, Instagram, and Messenger). To do this, go to the Settings application, then use the search tool and type the word “Facebook”, then the three applications will appear: Facebook App Installer, Facebook Services and Facebook App Manager. Open each one of them and then press the Disable button one by one, so you have disabled these three Facebook applications on your phone, and in case you want to activate them again, just go back to the same previous steps but this time press Turn on.