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How to permanently prevent sending friend requests to your Facebook profile easily (the official method)

 How to permanently prevent sending friend requests to your Facebook profile easily (the official method)

Have you ever received a friend request on Facebook from someone you didn't know? This situation usually occurs since Facebook accounts are public, but let me tell you there how to permanently prevent sending friend requests on your personal account in an easy way and without browser add-ons.

It is no secret to everyone that the Facebook site is a social site, by its nature depends on the formation of friendships between users and communication together, whether through messages or free calls. Since all user accounts on Facebook are public and your account cannot be made out of the eyes of others, it is natural that one day you will get a friend request from a stranger you do not know, he may send you this request to appear in his list of suggestions or want to increase the number of his friends … or Any other reason, and as it grows, Facebook will become a noisy place.

Fortunately, the Facebook site and app allow you to change the privacy setting for friend requests, you can make only friends of friends can send friend requests, or prevent everyone from sending a friend request; Meaning, delete the Add Friend button from your Facebook profile. In this how-to guide, we will explain how you can change this setting either from your computer or the application on your smartphone.

Prevent sending friend requests on Facebook from the computer

It is very simple with regard to preventing sending friend requests permanently on Facebook on the computer, where all you have to do is open the Facebook website and log into your personal account, then press the down arrow button on the top bar, and from the drop-down menu press “ Settings”, then from the side menu, go to the Privacy page, then click on the Edit button in front of “Who can send you friend requests”. Alternatively, head to this link directly and the desired option will be displayed.

Now click on the menu under “Who can send you friend requests?” To decide who can send friend requests, Everyone, Friends of friends or No one just select the option you want from the list and the settings will be saved as specified. If you select the last option, no one on Facebook will be able to send your account a friend request.

Prevent sending friend requests on Facebook from the phone

You do not need a PC or laptop to complete these steps, but you can do the same via the main Facebook application on smartphones, whether Android or iOS.

All you need to do is open the Facebook app and then click on the menu button located at the top left, and from the list scroll down until you click on the “Settings and privacy” section and below this section you will click on “Privacy Shortcuts” and on the privacy shortcuts page you will click on “ View more privacy settings” as shown in the image above, then click on “Who can send you friend requests?”.

You will see the same three options as it appears on the Facebook website on the computer, where you can select “Everyone”, “Friends of Friends” or “No Limit” and once you select the option you want, exit the privacy settings page and the settings will be saved on that, and a button will appear “Send a friend request” on your profile to your friends on the site, or it will not appear at all if you select “Nobody”.