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How to run more than one WhatsApp on iPhone 2022

 How to run more than one WhatsApp on iPhone 2022

It is very possible that some of us have more than one SIM card as a way to separate work and personal tasks, but if we want to use multiple accounts in communication applications so that each account is linked to a separate phone number from the other, it turns into a lot of inconvenience. As everyone knows, apps usually limit the user to only one account and therefore he has to log out and log in again with another account. This is especially true for WhatsApp, but the idea of ​​switching between accounts by logging in and out is completely impractical. The alternative, of course, is to copy apps.

Duplicating apps on Android devices is simple as most Android phones now come with a function called Dual Apps that allows apps to be cloned and used separately, and there are apps that perform the same role like Parallel Space. Unfortunately, doing this on iPhones is almost impossible without jailbreaking, but there is a temporary solution that can do the job and help you use two WhatsApp accounts on one iPhone, let's explain in detail.

Since the app clone function is not available in iPhone phones, the way to run more than one WhatsApp depends on using the second official application from WhatsApp, which is WhatsApp Business. WhatsApp Business certainly came across it once while browsing in the App Store. It is a similar version to the regular WhatsApp, but it has some additional features that make it more suitable for businesses and companies.

Anyone who can use WhatsApp Business easily and will not have difficulty in dealing with the application such as making individual conversations or video and audio calls..etc. It can be considered a modified version of the original WhatsApp. However, it should be noted that registering with WhatsApp Business will flag your account as a "Business Account" but not necessarily enter any data indicating that you are using this account for your business. In short, WhatsApp Business is suitable for personal use.

All you have to do is open the App Store and then go to the Search section to search for “WhatsApp Business” and you will find the application among the results, press “Get” to download it. Alternatively, you can access the application page on the Store from here. Now you will have two apps that perform the same service on your iPhone - the regular WhatsApp and the Business version.

Launch WhatsApp Business and you will get a new account creation interface. At this point you can register your second number in the application in the same way that you registered in the regular application, just enter the number and wait for the confirmation code until the account is created and during that you will be asked to select the type of your business, but if you intend to use the account for a personal purpose, you can select the option " Not a business".

You can now use WhatsApp Business as an add-on alongside the main WhatsApp app and it will work as expected. Personally I only use the regular version as I don't have more than one phone number. But many people have two numbers for different reasons, whether it is to separate work from personal life or, for example, you have a number that you share with a certain group of people only in your life, this method undoubtedly helps you to create a WhatsApp account dedicated to the second number and manage the two accounts from one phone easily.

But if you are looking for another way to run more than one WhatsApp on the iPhone, there are already other ways, but they are unofficial. For example, you can use third-party modified versions of WhatsApp, which are not available on the AppStore but to download them you will need to install a side store such as AltStore by installing its Configuration Profile. It is true that it does not require jailbreaking, but it is a risky process and it is not recommended to use it unless necessary, as if you find the WhatsApp Business application does not provide the expected experience, but in all cases, it remains an alternative way to use two separate WhatsApp accounts on the iPhone.