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The 7 most important marketing skills you need to know in 2022

 The 7 most important marketing skills you need to know in 2022

Yesterday, I spoke in a live workshop about the most important marketing skills that companies are looking for in 2022, and because they are very important skills for anyone who wants to develop themselves in the field of digital marketing, and for any company that wants to keep pace with the marketing trends of 2022 and know the skills they need in their marketing team, I will talk about them In detail in this article.

Before you start detailing these skills, you should know that you do not have to learn all of them, and you may not need some of them, the importance of each skill varies depending on the field of your project or your experience. But it is important to know it to add to yourself or your company more experience and strength in the field of digital marketing.

Digital marketing guarantees multiple skills, and here I will talk about 7 most important skills, including:

Why am I going to talk about these skills specifically? Because it is one of the most in-demand skills in the labor market today, and the most useful for companies in the coming year.

The 7 most important marketing skills you need to know in 2022:


1. Big Data Analytics - Big Data Analysis

2021 was the year of digital transformation, many large and small companies switched to remote work in the first half of 2021, and the second half continued to develop the digital transformation process and prepare their sites for any possibility of returning to fully remote work.

We are now heading to a new year that will focus on 3 main themes: Analysis, Evaluation and Development!

Therefore, it is very important to learn the skill of data analysis, large and large companies may completely transform to work digitally,

These companies will need experts in data analysis, reading the numbers, setting smart and accurate performance indicators and results.

There is a lot of data on a daily basis that companies collect from different online channels, you must know how this data is collected, how to classify, measure, compare its results, and most importantly as a digital marketer, you must know what actions you will take based on your analysis of this data!

2. Business intelligence skill set - Business Intelligence

Notice what I say here (the skill set) because the term business intelligence brings together several overlapping skills. These skills can be summed up as the skills that transform data into a process that helps develop and grow a business.

That is, knowing how to read numbers and data to get the right action you need to grow your business.

Marketing, for example, the general goal of it is to help grow business, and the most important skills that will help you grow your business smartly through marketing, is how to read data, use business development tools and platforms, and set your KPIs based on your readings of data, so that the indicators are Performance is related to the growth of your business (example: tracking the conversion rate on the site and setting a goal to increase it and thus increase sales.).

3. The Fixed Skill First and Last, Content Writing!

A follower on Twitter asked me two days ago if I agreed with the saying (content is king)

I will answer you here with (yes), the content does not necessarily have to be published on social networking sites, or blogs and articles,

If you look at any marketing activity, you will find that it is not without content, content is what achieves your goals, but if you use it correctly!

On your products page, your store, or any page that the customer can go to in search of you, what they will get is the content!

Your paid ads, the words your audience is searching for your products or services, they're all content!

It is necessary to learn this skill, and you should know here that it is an acquired skill with time, and it needs a lot of reading and inspiration and start writing now without delay.

To master content writing, you need to learn 3 main things, which are studying the audience you are addressing, studying the stages of buying or converting to a customer (customer life cycle), and studying the channels your audience uses and the nature of the content that suits them

You will notice how much your writing will improve and how you will become an expert writing for your audience over time!

4. Paid Advertising:

Companies resort to paid advertising because it is the fastest way to develop and expand their marketing. If you are a fan of technical skills, managing paid advertising campaigns of various types is the most appropriate skill to specialize in,

Paid advertising includes advertising on social networking sites, and through search engines (Google, Bing, etc.)

The idea of her business is known to many, which is to pay for what you want your audience to do!

You want followers, pay for an increase followers campaign, you want conversions on the site, pay for a campaign funded with the goal of conversion

and so on..

This skill achieves the highest demand among companies in hiring, as the advertising campaign manager is the most important and strongest component of the marketing team, so much of the volume of implementation and results depends on it.

So that he plans advertising campaigns, distributes the budget, develops and builds the target audience, analyzes numbers and results, implements advertising campaigns, to ensure that the desired goal is achieved.

5. Account Management

This skill, or this person in particular, is the basis for the proper functioning of the marketing process, and at the same time is the person that companies find it difficult to find!

On it is based, managing the various accounts of the company via the Internet, communicating with customers and project owners, distributing marketing tasks to the team, following it up and communicating reports on performance and results from the marketing team on a weekly and monthly basis, holding follow-up meetings for work and many more.

Try searching for this job title, activate Google job alerts about it or Indeed and other recruitment sites, and you will see the demand for this job title, and the high wages companies pay for it.

6. User Experience Analysis!

I say here analysis, not design, there is a difference between the two terms, the second is based on the first!

User Experience Analysis means path analysis and configuration of the most appropriate elements in your site and application to provide the best buying journey for the customer,

Marketing isn't just about, "Hey, someone visited my site and I have to convert it." Much of it is the user experience. I'm not talking about it from a design perspective. I'm talking about someone who gets what they're looking for ASAP. This is optimized for the user experience. And as a marketer, you are in control of that. You may not have control over the design of the page, but you can put in certain content or images that are better than others to get people what they are looking for as quickly as possible.

7. The last skill I'm going to talk about is automation!

Automation here includes artificial intelligence techniques, and machine learning language. I know it is a separate field in its own right, but it supports automation and forms an essential part of it.

Automation is an important aspect of marketing, and without it, you can't scale and achieve big, or be able to keep all of your marketing tasks going in the future and on a reasonable budget.

Companies always put limits on budget, even if you work for the biggest companies.

So with automation, you can end up getting more done with fewer people. So when you're in budget constraints, you can still get a lot done.

You find automation more used in email marketing, retargeting campaigns, chatbots and more..

And the best marketing automation service I've used, Hubspot CRM, to manage customers and data

getresponse and mailchimp for email.