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The most powerful offline messaging applications for Android phones 2022

 The most powerful offline messaging applications for Android phones 2022

The title of the article may seem a bit deceptive because the idea of ​​messaging over the phone has always been associated with having some kind of connection to the outside world via the Internet, but this does not mean that the idea of ​​​​offline messaging is an impossible idea, but it can actually be found in application stores for smartphones and dedicated to The basis for assisting the user in the event of being in a remote area where there is no Internet or a general outage in the Internet where the place of residence is.

Many situations where you will need offline messaging applications. These applications use an overlapping network using Bluetooth technology, which allows users to send encrypted messages. If you are in a place where there is no Internet service and you want to communicate with your friends, you can rely on offline messaging applications that you can use Without Wi-Fi and without mobile data

Before we list the best offline messaging applications, we must understand how these applications work. In fact, these applications rely on a technology called Messaging, which means off-network messaging, which is a form of networking from a device to a device that transfers data in a small place. Usually it is between 50 to 100 meters without the need for an internet connection.

This technology depends primarily on Bluetooth or the Wi-Fi network in your phone, but only as a means of sending messages within an overlapping network until it is delivered to the recipient. Usually, those messages are encrypted, and the more users within that overlapping network, the better the quality of the messages. That is, you only need to activate the Wi-Fi, but it is not necessary to connect to a specific Wi-Fi network. With that in mind, let's list the most important of these apps.

1- Bridgefy App

Bridgefy is one of the best offline messaging apps, when you install the app on your phone you can send end-to-end encrypted messages with other app users within 100 meters. The application features a simple user interface, all you have to do is create your nickname that others can reach you by giving the application permissions that allow it to access Bluetooth services and geolocation services, and then you can start chatting with others through the chat section.

The application needs your phone to be connected to the Internet at least once before you can send and receive messages without the Internet. It is not more than 100 meters away.

Bridgefy is one of the few offline messaging applications that allow users to send messages from an Android device to an iPhone and vice versa without restrictions, but one of the most important drawbacks of the application is pop-up ads during use, but it is available for free. [Download the app]

2- Bluetooth Chat App

The Bluetooth Chat application provides the ability to send messages without cost and without the Internet, and once the application is installed, you will be able to exchange texts and images with other devices through Bluetooth technology, but within a range of only 100 meters.

The most important thing that distinguishes the Bluetooth Chat application is that it does not need to be connected to the Internet to register the device on the network, as is the case in most messaging applications without the Internet, and you also do not need to provide personal or contact information such as a phone number, but all you have to do is choose your own name with Grant the app access to your storage space and geolocation.

The application is very easy to use as you can click on the “Scan for Devices” option, then the application will search for nearby devices for 30 seconds, and if the application does not detect the device of the user you want to message, then you can click on the “Make Discoverable” option to make the device visible to the application for 60 seconds The app is free and available for Android only. [Download the app]

3- Signal Offline Messenger

Signal Offline Messenger differs from the popular Signal Messenger messaging app that cares about users’ privacy when communicating, they are two separate apps, and with Signal Offline you can easily exchange texts and photos through Wi-Fi Direct. The ideal communication distance is 60 meters but it can be up to 100 meters .

After running the application and through the Available section, it will automatically communicate with other users of the application nearby within a distance of 60 ~ 100 meters, and the application developer did not mention encrypting messages, so it is advised not to send confidential information and files through the application to prevent a third party infiltrating the messages, the application is free and available For Android only, but it is not available on Google Play, but rather it is downloaded from an external store and installed by the APK file. [Download the app]

4- Briar app

Briar is one of the best offline messaging applications. It is an open source application that offers several features such as message disappearance, end-to-end encryption, content filtering, and a special section for creating posts and reading a summary of articles. The application allows you to choose a picture for your profile with the ability to Customize notifications and control app locking after minutes of inactivity. The application is characterized by ease of use, so you will not need many steps to register an account or provide personal information such as a phone number or email address, all you have to do to use the application is to choose a username and set up your password.

The application provides two ways to add contacts so that you can send messages and start conversations either by scanning a QR code or sending a custom link to the second party, and one of the main drawbacks of the application is that it requires working in the background around the clock to deliver messages, which means draining your phone battery And reduce its life span over time, the application is free and available for Android only. [Download the app]