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What is the word "Wordle" game that has attracted the interest of millions around the world?

 What is the word "Wordle" game that has attracted the interest of millions around the world?

In a way, simple games characterized by its lightness and simplicity, managed to control the minds of millions of people around the world. And the examples are many, there is the game Among Us, which aroused the interest of millions starting in late 2020. Such games make competitors in the gaming market confused about games that seem simple in terms of the idea, graphic design, and control, however, they may find great popularity compared to games spent Thousands of dollars in design.

The latest of these newcomers to the "light" world of digital games, which has created a state of mass obsession, is "Wordle", a simple word puzzle game, which started modestly in November last year, with only 90 players per day, to jump within weeks At the beginning of January, it reached 300,000 players per day, and the latest statistics say it reached 3 million players. In this article, we will learn about this game, so you may want to join millions of players in the daily challenge that the game launches. But before that, let us take you on a short journey, about how it plays and the secrets of its wide spread.

Simple idea, high excitement!

The idea of the game is very simple: you have to guess the correct word of five letters. Despite the simplicity of the idea, some smart touches in the way of playing were able to turn the game, which is very similar in its visual design to crossword games, into a game that stimulates all the hormones of excitement in the brain to give the player the maximum feelings of challenge and adventure.

The game appears as a rectangular table consisting of six horizontal rows plus five horizontal ones divided into small squares, and each horizontal row is a probability of the five-letter word of the English language, which you have to guess.

How to Play ?

First go to and then you have to start guessing with a five letter word, and once you have guessed the first you have to press the “Enter” button on the keyboard that will appear on the screen while playing, then the game will tell you If you were successful in revealing the word or some of the correct letters in it, the letter that is part of the puzzle word if it is present in its correct place will be colored green, and if the letter is present in the word but is not in its correct place, it will be colored yellow, but if If the letter appears in grey, it means that it is not present in the word at all, and you should discard it permanently in your next attempts.

Once you have guessed the first, you will move to the second row. If you are successful and detect one or two letters or more on the first attempt, the task will seem easier, but it will become more exciting. Any attempt that you do not succeed in guessing the correct word will reduce your chances of success. You will cancel one of the six options, so if you fail in the six attempts, you have to wait until midnight to get a new word.

Excitatory and diffusion factors

As we mentioned earlier, some simple and smart touches helped the spread of this game, and one of these touches is that it adopted the collective challenge system. Get to know the game Get to know it through their friends' tweets on social networking sites as they share their results and their daily progress in solving the puzzle, as the game allows the results to be shared instantly on social networking sites.

Another thing that helped create the attraction of the game, which is the limited and relatively long time, which makes you the process of thinking about the puzzle options a continuous process all day long, where you can just reveal two or three letters, you can be very slow in thinking and making the right decision, for example, while preparing a cup of coffee At home, you think carefully about the possible words, to come back and make your decision calmly, which gives the player more time to play and make decisions and thus physically and psychologically connected to them most of the day, with a sense of challenge and excitement.

non-profit game

It is common knowledge that most of the applications and games that meet with great success turn into a source of money for their designers, but on the contrary, the young British game designer Josh wardle confirmed that it is not his plans in the future to insert commercial ads inside them or put them on application stores, as the game was mainly for the purpose of The entertainment between him and his friends, and so far the official version of the game is available only through its official website, as no copies of applications for phones or desktop have been launched yet.

This is because the game itself is linked to the Internet due to its collective nature, as we mentioned, the word of the day is unified for all players, and the new word is not given until after midnight, which threatens any traditional versions of the game by losing its collective spirit, and about the continuity of the game, the designer revealed that it contains (2500) words, At a rate of one word per day, which means it will last at least years from now.