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4 Essential Tools for Every Windows 11 User

 4 Essential Tools for Every Windows 11 User

It seems that the recent statistics indicate an increase in the number of Windows 11 users around the world and an increase in its market share, and if you are reading in this topic, it means that you are one of the users who moved to Windows 11 for some reason. These are the four special tools that we will present in this article, which will add new features and useful changes to your computer that is running Windows 11.

1  Microsoft PowerToys

PowerToys is a tool developed by Microsoft, which combines several sub-tools specifically for advanced users (Power users; hence the name of the tool). This set of tools contributes to giving the user new features and improving his experience with Windows 11 and raising his productivity as well.

PowerToys is one of my favorite tools that I have been using for a long time with Windows 10 for the FancyZones feature or tool that enables you to divide your screen into separate areas on which windows can be opened, and accordingly this step helps to raise your productivity by displaying several windows at the same time and in an orderly manner .

In addition to FancyZones, PowerToys offers several other tools, all of which have specific and useful functions for each user, and you can disable them if you don't want them. For example you have PowerRename which helps you rename a group of files at once, you also have the Keyboard Manager which lets you customize the keyboard by resetting keys or creating new shortcuts to increase your productivity even more. And last but not least you have the Image Resizer tool and as the name suggests, this tool resizes images with just one click and without leaving the Windows file manager.

All of these tools and more can be found combined in the Microsoft PowerToys tool, which the Microsoft team working on is always striving to develop and constantly add new tools. good indicator.

[PowerToys download link]

 2 Start11

It is known that Windows users have an emotional attachment to the Start menu, and they do not want Microsoft to touch the Start menu under any circumstances, but it seems that Microsoft had a different opinion and implemented drastic changes to the Start menu as well as the taskbar in Windows 11, which annoyed many Windows fans who did not like the new changes. This is where the Start11 tool comes in, which will allow you to customize the Start menu and taskbar in Windows 11 and return to the way the taskbar and Start menu were in previous Windows versions.

Accordingly, the Start11 tool will allow you to move the Start button on the taskbar with other icons from the middle to the left side, as it was in Windows 10, and it also allows you to do some other adjustments in the taskbar such as changing its location to the top of the screen, changing the transparency of the ribbon and other that.

As for the Start menu, the Start11 tool will allow you to return to its traditional look, whether the Start menu look on Windows 7 or Windows 10. It also allows you to do some customizations on the Start menu such as changing the theme, colors, transparency, size, visual effects, and others.

The only thing that might discourage you from trying the Start11 tool is that it is not free, but you are allowed to try it for free for 30 days (click on Try free for 30-days on the download page) and after the trial period ends you will have to pay and purchase the tool.

[Start11 download link]

3 ThisIsWin11

ThisIsWin11 is the ultimate tool that you should use right after installing Windows 11 on your device, as it offers a combination of introducing you to the most important features of Windows 11 and enabling you to prepare and customize Windows 11 completely. ThisIsWin11 is a portable tool that does not require installation, after downloading the zip file of the tool, decompress it and then start using the tool directly as we will explain now.

After opening the ThisIsWin11 tool, you will be presented with the Home page (from the side menu) where you can navigate to get an introductory tour of the most important features, changes and updates in Windows 11. Then you have the Customize page through which you will be able to customize Windows 11 from several aspects (Settings, System, Windows Update, Gaming, Privacy... etc.). Then, on the Apps page, you will find all the applications pre-installed on the system -Bloatware- that you can delete and save device resources. After that, on the Packages page, you will be able to create your own installation packages, as these packages contain your favorite programs that you cannot do without (browsers, security programs, players, favorite tools... etc.) and then you will be able to install these packages with all of their Programs and tools on your device with the click of a button.

Last but not least, on the Automate page you will find different scripts that you can run to do automatic tasks on Windows 11. For example, you have a script to delete OneDrive, you have another script to activate dark mode within apps, you have another script to clean Windows via Cleanmgr.exe...etc, and all of this It is done automatically by running the script. As you can see, ThisIsWin11 is a very feature-rich tool that can do a lot of great things on Windows 11.

[ThisIsWin11 download link]

4 Winaero Tweaker

We conclude our article with Winaero Tweaker, which is an incredibly comprehensive tool for customizing Windows 11. Winaero Tweaker touches every little and big of Windows 11 and allows you to modify it. Generally, tool customizations on Windows 11 include appearance in general and advanced as well, as well as system behaviors, boot and login settings, desktop and taskbar adjustments, right-click menu adjustments, Settings application customizations, file manager customizations, operations on Windows Security, for example you can Disable it if you like. And last but not least, you also have some network settings.

This was a superficial introduction to the Winaero Tweaker tool, and if we want to fully discuss the tool and all the advantages it gives, we will most likely need a separate article, but fortunately there is a detailed article about the tool from its owner entitled [The list of Winaero Tweaker features] that you can browse to learn more. on the tool closely.

[Winaero Tweaker Download Link]

In conclusion, I would just like to point out an important point regarding the use of tools that modify things related to the operating system itself, that in some cases these modifications or changes lead to damage to the operating system and cause it to collapse or not work efficiently, and this is of course expected because the operating system has A connected structure whose components depend on each other, and therefore if you modify a component by deleting it, for example, this means changing the entire structure - the operating system - which may lead in some cases, but not all, to the emergence of problems.