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9 Solutions to Facebook Messenger Waiting for Connection Issue

 9 Solutions to Facebook Messenger Waiting for Connection Issue

Sometimes data can accumulate in Facebook Messenger as it performs many functions while it is running resulting in the Messenger waiting for connection issue “Waiting for Network“. I think the last message you see while logging in to facebook messenger can have many reasons.When you see the message you can neither send nor receive messages so it is important to find a solution.So in this guide we are going to learn how to fix facebook messenger problem by waiting for connection.

Fix Facebook Messenger Waiting for Connection Issue

We will discuss how to fix the problem on both Android and iOS platforms. You should apply these solutions one by one until you reach the solution as there are several possibilities that can cause this problem.

Activate mobile data (iPhone)

As we know, iPhone allows you to turn off the phone data connection of installed apps. Therefore, you may have disabled the use of mobile data for the Facebook Messenger app. Follow the steps below to check it.

Open a "Settings" app on your iPhone.

Scroll down to the apps list, then tap Messenger.

Activate the button next to the mobile data option "Mobile Data".

After that, you can reopen the Facebook Messenger app and check that the problem is fixed.

Check Messenger Servers

Let's check if the problem is from the Facebook servers or not. As we know that when there is a problem with Facebook servers, it is normal that you cannot send and receive messages. You can check it through the Downdetector website, if anyone has the problem, they will report it and you will notice high indicators in the facebook network graph.

If the issue is already on Facebook, just wait for the issue to be resolved.

Reset Network Settings (iPhone)

There may be issues with your network settings, whether you have tampered with those settings or someone else has. So the solution is to reset network settings on your iPhone. This will cause you to lose the passwords of the Wi-Fi networks you have connected to.

Here are the steps to reset network settings on iPhone:

Open "Settings" Settings.

Click on a General section "General".

Scroll down a bit and select a Reset or Transfer option.

In the pop-up menu, tap Reset Network Settings "Reset Network Settings

Once you've done that, open Facebook Messenger again and make sure the problem is fixed.

Disable Low Data Mode (iPhone)

Low data mode helps reduce data usage in the phone, including background tasks and synchronization functions. This may lead to connection waiting problem on Facebook Messenger, so you'd better turn off this mode to check.

Log into a "Settings" app on the iPhone.

Click on a mobile data section "Mobile Data" then select the SIM card you are using.

Disable the button next to the Low Data Mode option.

Force close app (Android)

If you're using Facebook Messenger on Android, it's important to force quit the app and then reopen it. Most of the time, this process fixes the problem. Here are the steps:


Long-press on the Messenger app, then select an App info option "App info" from the small menu that appeared.

Select a Force stop option that appears at the bottom.

Click OK to confirm the action.

Clear Messenger App Cache (Android)

Storing old and corrupted data in the cache can cause a connection wait issue. It's time to clear the cache so you can rely on the servers from scratch.

Long press on the Messenger app, then select an Info app option "App info".

At the bottom, tap "Clear data" (On some other devices, you can tap the Clear Cache button directly).

In the context menu, press Clear cache "Clear Cache".

Disable Power Saving Mode (Android)

The Android system provides you with a battery saving application which reduces the internet data consumption, which can lead to the waiting for connection problem in Facebook Messenger. You'll need to turn off power saving mode to be sure.

Open the Settings app on your Android device.

Click on a Device care/Battery option.

Disable the button next to the "Power saving" option.

Disable Low Power Mode (iPhone)

Like power saving mode on Android, low power mode on iPhone preserves and extends battery life. Thus, it can result in reduced internet data consumption. Disable this mode to check if it is the cause or not.

Open Settings on your iPhone.

Click on a Battery section "Battery".

Disable the Low Power Mode option.

Update the Facebook Messenger app

If there is an issue with the Messenger app, the company will rush to fix the issue and release a new update that will fix the issue. If the problem is in the last update you made to the app and a new update has not yet been released to fix the problem, I advise you to revert to the old version. You can download any version from Apkpure website.

If the problem is in the old version of the Messenger app, feel free to update the app through Google Play Store. Most likely, the latest update will include a fix for the issue in case the issue is not on your end.

Hope the above solutions helped you fix the problem. Let's say the problem is in the Messenger app and no new update has been released to fix it, here if you urgently need to use Facebook chat, I advise you to install the app Messenger Lite on your Android device. In contrast,