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free and cool blogger templates 2022

 free and cool blogger templates 2022

Are any of you bloggers looking for some cool free blogger model recommendations?

Blogger or Blogspot is an easy-to-use content writing and creation platform, especially since this service is free. No wonder so many people create websites using blogspot. Whether used for blogging or online business.

Now when creating a free blog, starting with creating an account, creating posts, choosing a name, customizing a design, one thing you really shouldn't miss is to choose a free and cool bloggers theme or template to display your blog design.

There are many free blogger template recommendations that you can download and use on your blog. Discover the choices!

Criteria for choosing a blogger model

Not every free blogger template available is right for you. If you want your blog to be successful, you need to pay close attention to aspects when choosing a Blogger template.

SEO Friendly

First, your bloggers template should be SEO optimized. Yes, that's right, not only are you optimizing for SEO on the content or posts you create on your blog, but also on your Blogger design.

Blogger templates should be professionally designed and created for SEO optimization, so that they can fulfill the need to be able to rank on search engine results pages.

In the bloggers template, you should pay attention to schema, metadata, well-organized code, balanced title and subtitle settings, alt text image insertion options, post widget functionality, proper layout, clear menu navigation, so bots can easily crawl your blog site.

Also, pay attention to whether or not this template has the latest Google algorithm update. Hopefully, then with SEO friendly bloggers template you can get lots of traffic to your Blogger

Responsive design

Blogger templates should have a responsive design. The responsive design allows your blog to load according to the screen size of the device used by the people who visit your blog. Both from a PC/tablet and a smartphone. The template automatically adjusts the width and height of its elements.

With responsive blogger templates, your blog will look professional as it provides a consistent experience for blog visitors when they visit it from a smartphone or computer.

Blogger templates with responsive designs can also help drive traffic to your blog. The readability of your blog increases, the menu navigation is clear for both computers and smartphones, so that visitors can easily interact and want to surf your blog more.

In addition to blogs that have an SEO friendly blogger template, blogs that have a responsive design are also preferred by Google so that you can have the opportunity to be on the Google search results page.

Fast charging

In addition to SEO friendly blogger templates and responsive design, a fast loading template is also a criteria for a good blogger templates. By loading your blog website faster, your blog visitors won't run away waiting for the blog to load perfectly.

The fast loading Blogger template has a simple design and few elements and widgets will be displayed, only the most useful and relevant for your needs. This way, your blog website is not “heavy” and you have the opportunity to rank on Google search results pages due to high traffic from blog visitors.

There is an option to insert widget

Widgets are additional features that are usually found in the sidebar or footer of your blog website. Maybe you have seen photo slideshows, Instagram/Facebook/Twitter social media icons, email subscription buttons, most popular posts, calendars and even advertisements. Well, these are all widgets.

Widget functionality can make it easier for blog visitors and give them a good experience as it is easy to understand and access. Make sure your Blogger template can accommodate widgets that meet your blogging needs.

Has good support

Support here means that the blogger template builder can be contacted if you have any issues while installing and applying your Blogger template. Support is not only to be found in premium or paid templates, in free Blogger templates, template makers usually also clearly explain how to download, install and customize the template design on your blog.

Even of them can provide videos or screenshots at every step. This is what makes free Blogger templates easy to use.

Once you know how a blogger template has good criteria and can contribute to the success of your blog, it's time for you to choose a blogger template from our various free and cool blogger template recommendations.

Blogger templates for personal blog

Personal blogs usually contain the author's daily stories, travel experiences, cooking recipes, and stories with partner, you know, guys. Because on Blogger you can say whatever you want to write.


Daisy is a Blogger template with a simple, clean and modern design that fits the trends and still looks professional if you use it as a blog to personally share your daily stories.

This Blogger template is SEO friendly, responsive design so it looks perfect on all devices, you can insert wide selection of widgets as per your requirement in sidebar and footer, you can customize the colors and font types to suit your tastes.

Overview of models


Sophia is also another simple Blogger template, it has a simple and clean design and there are lots of widgets. One of them is shown after the slideshow at the top. In this section, you can display your best choice of posts to grab the attention of visitors when they see your blog for the first time.

Sophia Blogger template, of course, comes with SEO optimized, responsive design, lots of widget options. This Blogger template is also suitable for personal blogs chronicling daily life, travel blogs, fashion and lifestyle blogs.

Overview of models


Heather is a Blogger template suitable for personal blogs that can also be about fashion, lifestyle, travel, or food. Uniquely, Heather has a full-width block that is also your featured post or latest or top posts on your blog.

Heather has a post design that is a grid but still comes with photos, titles, and descriptions so you can entice visitors to read it. Along with plenty of options to insert widgets, Heather also has a responsive design that makes it look great on a variety of devices.

Overview of models


The Blogger Backpack model is suitable for your travel bloggers or personal + professional travel guides. In this template, there are many widget choices, especially nice icons like number of countries explored, best restaurant choice or camping spot.

Overview of models


Now a recipe blog template for those of you who run a food blog or cooking blog. With a template that features photos, you can display the best food photos you take so that they pique the interest of readers when they visit your blog.

In this Blogger template, you can also insert widgets like popular recipes, recipe tags and others. So blog visitors can immediately find the recipes they want to know about and your blog posts are well organized.

Overview of models