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What are cookies? Understanding and functions

 What are cookies? Understanding and functions

The cookies we will talk about in this article are not cookies in English which means cake, but cookies on internet browsers. What are browser cookies and how do they affect you?

Maybe you have already experienced the things below:

  • Automatic login to a website without rewriting username and password
  • You revisit a website and the website “remembers” your previously selected setting preferences
  • Online shopping sites offer product suggestions based on your preferences
  • The above things can happen through the help of cookies. With cookies in Internet browsers, you can browse the pages of a website more easily.

What are cookies ?

Cookies are a term for a collection of information that contains history and activity while browsing a website. In simple terms, cookies are a collection of data that the computer receives from a site and sends back to the sites visited.

Uses and functions of cookies in browsers

With cookies, websites can store tracking records and visitor activities. What functions do cookies provide? Check out the full explanation below:

1. Save login information

The primary function of the cookie is to store login information. Thus, you don't need to write your username and password repeatedly to visit the same website.

2. Save website settings

Cookies are also used to save the settings of the websites visited. For example, when you visit a website that offers a choice of English and Indonesian. Then you choose the Indonesian language settings, the cookie will "remember" the preferences you choose.

So when you access the website again, the website will automatically provide content in Indonesian, according to your previous choice.

3. Provide more personal content

Another function of cookies is to allow websites to provide more personalized content. For example, on a shopping site, you are often looking for electronics and clothing. When you return to the online shopping site, you will get product suggestions related to electronics and wearables.

Thus, your online shopping experience can be more personalized, as cookies store your history and activity on the online shopping website.

4. Show ads

The final function of cookies is to display advertisements in line with visitors' browsing activities. For example, you have just visited the website of an online store that sells shoes. Then you read the news on an online news portal and may come across an ad related to shoes.

Are cookies safe?

Under normal conditions, cookies cannot transmit malware or viruses because the data carried by cookies does not change when moving from a computer to a website and vice versa. This transfer of cookie data has absolutely no effect on your computer.

Even so, the internet is still the internet and you still need to be careful when doing activities on it. Avoid visiting suspicious and potentially dangerous sites so that the information in your cookies is not stolen by irresponsible people.

Cookie management

You can also manage the rules relating to cookies in your Internet browser as you wish. For an example of cookie management, we use the Google Chrome browser.

Open the Google Chrome browser settings which is located in the right corner of the browser. Select Settings > Advanced > Privacy & Security as shown below.

Then select the cookie settings in the content settings

After that, cookie settings will appear as below

With this setting, you can choose whether or not to allow the website to store and read cookies on your Internet browser.

You can also prevent certain sites from reading and saving cookies from the browser you are using.

In addition, you can also delete cookie data by clicking on the View all cookies and site data submenu.

You can also delete cookies with the Clear browsing data menu as below:


Basically, cookies are safe to use and make it easier to navigate through a website. You don't have to write your username and password repeatedly. You also don't need to reset the settings of the websites you visit frequently. Additionally, you may also enjoy a more personalized experience when browsing certain websites.

Cookies are a feature that makes browsing the Internet easier. Even so, you should also periodically delete cookies from your browser to prevent unwanted things. That's pretty much what cookies mean and how they impact you.