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The best smartphone companies in terms of the number of Android updates

 The best smartphone companies in terms of the number of Android updates

Due to the importance of operating system updates on smartphones, all users are keen on acquiring phones that offer a greater number of Android updates as well as security improvements so that the phone continues to work efficiently for as long as possible, and fortunately this matter has evolved significantly over the past few years, as we have seen companies such as Samsung And Google offers long-term support for its smartphones.

However, the number of Android updates that devices get is not the only factor in judging the efficiency of the arrival of updates, but the speed of arrival of new versions must also be considered after their official release, so we have in this topic the ranking of the best phone companies in terms of the number of years of support In addition to the speed of arrival of new releases.


Samsung was not the best among the companies regarding Android updates until it announced in February 2021 a pledge to provide Android updates for four years in its modern devices, to come after that in 2022, and this pledge turned into reality after the announcement of the new series of phones Galaxy S22, which Supports 4 versions of Android plus 5 years of security updates.

And this is not limited to the S22 devices only, but many other major phones such as the Galaxy S21, S21 +, S21 Ultra, S21 FE, Galaxy Z Flip 3 and Galaxy Z Fold 3, even this new policy in updates included the new phones in the middle class.” A", namely A33, A53 and A73, which made Samsung ahead of all companies in supporting its smartphones for updates, outperforming Google itself.


Google is primarily responsible for developing the Android operating system, and for this reason it is not surprising that its Pixel smartphones are among the best phones in terms of updates, as they get three years of major operating system updates, meaning that phones released with Android 12 You will get the new versions up to Android 15 plus a few years of security updates.

However, this is not the only strength in Google phones, but more importantly, it is the first phones to receive new versions as soon as they are officially launched, while many other phones and even Samsung phones do not receive updates until months after their official release. .


In June 2021, OnePlus announced that it will collaborate with Oppo to improve the way OS updates reach users by integrating databases of updates access for OnePlus' OxygenOS with Oppo's ColorOS. This certainly makes the arrival of challenges faster and more stable. At the same time, OnePlus announced that it will commit to several years of updates to its smartphones on July 3, 2021.

At the present time, the flagship OnePlus phones, starting with the OnePlus 8 series and the latest, get three major updates to the Android operating system and 4 years of security updates, and not only that, but OnePlus phones are among the fastest phones to get new updates, for example, both of OnePlus 8 and OnePlus 8 Pro on Android 11 on October 10, 2020, just 32 days after the system was released.


Of course, the list cannot be devoid of Xiaomi, which is considered one of the most important smartphone companies, especially in the middle class, as the company was distinguished by providing phones with amazing features while maintaining their reasonable prices, and the company relies on the MIUI interface mainly, which is constantly updated as Xiaomi offers two updates Two major phones in its flagships, and although they are significantly less than the previous companies, they are considered very suitable given their low prices.

What about other companies?

In addition to the previous companies, other companies are trying to provide as many operating system updates to users as possible on an ongoing basis, including Oppo, where the company previously spoke of its intention to extend the monthly security update for Android to its latest flagship phones for an additional year, bringing the total number To three years instead of two, the company also said that it is considering extending its update policy to four years across a wide range of devices.

Nokia is one of the other companies worth mentioning as well. Although their smartphones are not the best, they offer many premium phones at reasonable prices, and Nokia phones are based on Android One which means that they will get two years of major updates.