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8 Best Sites to Get Free M3U IPTV Playlists 2023

 8 Best Sites to Get Free M3U IPTV Playlists 2023

Looking for M3U IPTV files to play on media like Kodi Player or VLC, or OttPlayer. There are many IPTV sites or, so to speak, sites that offer M3U IPTV playlists, but unfortunately the majority of them do not offer constantly renewed files, but contain old M3U playlists that don't work. more.

After my long search for sources that include free M3U IPTV lists, I actually found some of the sites that can be considered the best in this field, offering constantly updated playlists and working with high quality. . Before you start getting familiar with these sites, you might be wondering what is IPTV? Here is a quick overview to learn more about what it relies on to play M3Us.

What is IPTV?

The term “Internet Protocol Television” refers to Internet Protocol Television for television channels. In other words, various types of TV channels work over the Internet and without depending on satellites, and they are often called IPTV channels.

Of course, there are many sites that offer paid IPTV channels, but at the same time, there are also free sites. It is enough to provide M3U files including many TV channels, because this file should only be played on a media player, whether on a computer, TV or phone. Moreover, the file must be based on good quality servers in order to be viewed in high quality and without interruptions, and we also do not forget the factor of your internet speed, which plays an important role in the operation. lists. and viewing without any interruption.

Here are the best sites to get free and constantly renewing M3U IPTV lists.

Daily IPTV List

The site that I consider number one in this field, you will not suffer from a long search without profit after using this site which offers you to download M3U files for free and permanently renewable. A popular site with very high demand from those who want to run M3U lists to watch in high quality. Most of the files provided by this site work with high efficiency and without interruptions and viewing complications, this is the main goal of our research, enjoy watching and not anger after each interruption.

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Source IPTV

Of course, we cannot exclude this site from the list, I recommend it as one of the best sites to provide free IPTV M3U lists in the digital scene. One of the important sources that provides various and rotating playlists so that IPTV M3U playlists are added daily, and it is of good quality and reliable and love to watch it.

By accessing this premium website, you can click on any country in the side sections to access the M3U playlist you specifically want. Alternatively, you can get a varied IPTV playlist.

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Another site that I highly recommend as it is one of the best sources to get various IPTV M3U playlists for free. What stands out is that it constantly renews the lists between each short period and is complete in providing M3U lists because you will find different types and suitable for different ages.

IPTV M3U playlists for different channels including French, Arabic, English, German and others. After my experience with the lists it provides, I found that it works in good quality and without interruptions, except in case you have low internet speed, it is natural to have interruptions in the streaming.

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Fluxus TV

Although M3U playlists are not always available, when launching a playlist, it is worth a try considering its high streaming quality. Not only does it provide a few channels in the playlist, but it includes thousands and a variety of specialties. On the side, you will find a playlist for US channels and another major international channel playlist.

Entering the site, you can access M3U lists of channels from any country by specifying its name on the profiles. Once connected, you will find the channels available with the possibility of obtaining a free IPTV M3U list.

This site is not limited to providing IPTV M3U playlists only, it is also interested in providing CCTV, Radio, Faith and others.

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cool iptv

Another site that I also liked despite the fact that M3U lists are not always available, of course because it provides good quality lists and not just broken links. On this site, you will find IPTV lists for most types of TV channels available in the world. When visiting the site, you can click on a FREE M3U PLAYLIST section, there you will find topics like M3U and M3U8 playlists, just enter the appropriate topic and get the playlist for free.

To easily access M3U lists to play country-specific channels, you can click this country section in the side sections, and you will find all the articles that provide M3U lists related to operating national channels.

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TV team

If your main goal is to have a free IPTV M3U playlist then ignore this site as it offers it to you for a paid fee. Although it offers paid IPTV M3U lists, it is worth a try. It is based on high quality servers and provides M3U lists for most age groups. It gives you access to over 7995 channels as well as over 7995 VODs.

It allows you to view M3U files with up to FHD viewing quality, this quality is suitable for computer playback or even TV if you want, whatever small devices like phone and phone. Tablet. If you want to test first to make sure the services on this site are correct, this gives you a 48-hour trial period.

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Although the site is a platform for programmers, no matter where M3U playlists are presented to run IPTV on your device, there are thousands of lists presented by specialists in this field, and we find that many between them operate with great efficiency. I have chosen for you a wide variety of language playlists, published by an account under the name free-IPTV. The thing is, it's always being updated, so when a file becomes inactive, it's just updated.

It is also recommended to run these menus through kodi media player to ensure better viewing experience. On the same site, you can find other accounts that also publish IPTV M3U playlists.

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Unlimited Free IPTV

This site is distinctive and suitable for watching IPTV content from France, because it is mainly focused on, and daily renewed IPTV playlists are provided, for this reason, I have mentioned unlimited. Apart from French TV broadcast it also includes IPTV M3U playlists for various channels from different countries and every day they are updated as mentioned earlier so you can rely on this site as your main source to access several free IPTV M3U lists. high quality.

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Last word

These are the most important sources we have found in order to have an IPTV M3U playlist on any media, whether on Android, iPhone or smart TV. In this regard, I advise you to read more best IPTV apps for Smart TV. Apart from that, if you want to play M3U list safely and without any tracking or other risk, I recommend you to use a VPN in order to encrypt your internet connection and play your M3U IPTV list safely, and For the best viewing experience with no difference in internet speed when using a VPN, I recommend using CyberGhost VPN or, If you use Android TV, you can check out our previous guide that we mentioned in Best VPN Apps for AndroidTV.


Free IPTV channels file French Iptv M3u has a lot of HD and SD quality that works on computer and mobile, it is a special file that contains the necessary playlist for free without stopping during the show, you find on the system in this list in the movie, entertainment, sports, nature, and music packages.

The problem of cutting the file of IPTV channels

Sometimes you find that the free file of French IPTV channels Iptv M3u does not work on certain programs, this problem comes from the IPTV source server. It is not possible to guarantee that the free servers offered will not be removed at any time, and we endeavor to update the lists daily. Always follow us, you will see that we have solutions and if you have any problem you can put it in your tips and we will answer you.

Important note: We do not host or send any video on this site, we only re-share the free Iptv links already present on the network. All m3u or m3u8 playlists that we share for free are playlists that we find using search engines.

How to play IPTV files on VLC media player.

✔️Download and install Media Player VLC. ✔️Open VLC Media Player ✔️At the top of the program, click on MEDIA. ✔️Open opened folder. ✔️Choose m3u file. ✔️Wait for the channels to load. ✔️Choose a channel and enjoy the show. ✔️Open VLC media player. ✔️At the top of the program, click on MEDIA. ✔️Open Network Stream. ✔️Wait for all channels to load. ✔️Choose a channel and enjoy the show.

How to use iptv m3u playlists?

There are several ways to use the m3u file of free IPTV France Iptv channels. To view m3u playlist on pc or laptop, you can use VLC Player, Cherry Player, Kodi, or another player that supports playing m3u playlists. But we recommend Vlc or Cherry Player because they are more stable. For PC and Laptop: If you want to play m3u playlists on pc or laptop, you can use Vlc Player, Cherry Player, Perfect Player, Kodi or another player which supports m3u playlists. For phone and tablet: There are many different players for smartphones and tablets but most people are GSE IPTV Player, VLC Player, IPTV Smarters, or MX Player. For Smart TV: You can use Smart IPTV App or OTTplayer. You can find it on Samsung or LG app store and download it. If you want to watch on a normal TV, you will need a media box like a MAG device or any other device.