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An overview of the 3 most important new features that will soon be available on WhatsApp

 An overview of the 3 most important new features that will soon be available on WhatsApp

Admittedly, Meta Company (formerly Facebook) is trying to impose its total control over the virtual world, but it is already blocking the way to any competitor who would try to block its way, especially with applications such as Signal and Telegram, which have become widely adopted. by users, prompting the company to make some adjustments to WhatsApp, the world's most famous instant messaging app, by officially announcing some important features that app users have been asking for for a long time.

Of course, the new features aren't at all related to additions like controlling image size or video size, but rather privacy-only, whether that's customizing who sees you logged in or even leaving a group, and most importantly, blocking screenshots of some messages What are the new features? Is it so important? But will it improve the experience of using WhatsApp application? Many questions, I will be happy to answer them in the following lines.

Control who can see you online on WhatsApp

You must have suffered from some curious people who ask you: who were you talking to on WhatsApp at this hour? Why didn't you reply to my messages while I was online? And other embarrassing questions that only serve to restrict your privacy and restrict the privacy of the vast majority of WhatsApp users; Which prompted Meta to put a stop to this by talking about including a new option in the privacy settings that controls who can see you online, whether it's your contacts or others.

With this setting, you can choose "Everyone" or as the specified setting for the "Last Seen" option, to control who can see your last seen and online status at the same time. Of course, many WhatsApp users are waiting for this feature, which will be available in the coming days along with other privacy features that are currently being tested.

Block screenshots when using Single View feature

In August 2021, the "View Once" feature was launched for the WhatsApp application, and it is an important privacy feature, and we have already explained how to use it in a previous article, because it allows users to send a photo or video and it disappears after a specified conversation period. But the result was quite the opposite, especially with some users who take screenshots of these images and then save them and therefore seem useless as the image remains with them even after it disappears from the conversation.

And for this specifically, WhatsApp will ban the ability to take a screenshot of images that are displayed once, which will help improve user privacy when using this feature, of course this addition will come later , but arriving late is better than never!

Leave a WhatsApp group without anyone knowing

Groups are one of the important things that the WhatsApp application offers its users, especially since the Meta company pays much of its attention to the group service, including the updates and benefits that we talked about earlier or which will come soon, which makes WhatsApp users use this service a lot. The groups are random, some of which are very beneficial, whether at the level of work or studies, and even at the family level, and others are just for fun.

Since groups usually contain a large number of people, this means more messages and notifications, which are usually a major reason for you to leave the group. Of course, your leaving a group will direct all eyes to you, but it will become the concern of the group, for which WhatsApp will put an island solution in the next few days, instead of notifying the whole group when you leave, only group admins will be notified.

Enfin | Que vous utilisiez l'application WhatsApp depuis un téléphone Android ou un iPhone et même depuis un ordinateur, les nouvelles fonctionnalités à venir sont capables d'améliorer votre expérience de l'application WhatsApp, et vous n'aurez même pas besoin d'utiliser des applications externes ou des astuces qui cacheront votre l'état de la connexion, et vous vous assurerez également de ne pas prendre de capture d'écran pour une photo que vous avez envoyée une seule fois.

Sans oublier que vous ne serez pas interrogé sur la raison du départ d'un groupe de loin ou de près, ce qui signifie la promotion réelle par Meta de la vie privée de ses utilisateurs, en particulier ceux qui utilisent WhatsApp, l'application de messagerie instantanée la plus populaire, et quant à la Le moment prévu pour que ces fonctionnalités apparaissent, ce sera souvent dans les prochains jours, ou peut-être au début du mois prochain, d'autant plus que les fonctionnalités dont nous avons parlé sont toujours en cours de test.