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Top 5 programming languages for kids

 Top 5 programming languages for kids

Some people believe that learning programming languages is difficult; it requires a high level of intelligence and special abilities, but the answer is much simpler than that; any child can learn at least one programming language! Of course, we are not talking here about complex languages, but rather about some specific languages that you can teach your child, so that you open the door for him to enter this world, but before that, take into account first your "childhood desire." to enter the world of programming and digital "and motivate him to enter this world if he does not want to For example, tell him beforehand that he is able to design a program or a game, and that it is not difficult. Tell him beforehand that there are interesting languages that children can learn easily.

Why should you teach your child at least one programming language?

Simply because it is the language of the future, and it does not differ in importance from living languages such as English and French, and even surpasses them in some cases, especially with the development of dictionaries, dictionaries and translation applications that can translate even voice conversations in any language, unlike programming languages, which can only be understood by learning them.

We should also not forget that programming languages are the origin of the existence of dictionaries and interpreter applications—rather everything related to the digital world—and that you can translate an entire text thanks to Google Translator, and on the other hand, neither Google nor anyone else can write a single line of code if you dictate some words to it This is with regard to the importance of teaching your child one of the programming languages. As for what languages children can learn, I am pleased to inform you of the most important ones, starting from the next lines.

1. Swift Playgrounds

If your child has an iPad, then the Swift language is the best motivator for him to enter the world of programming. It is true that it is a relatively new language and was invented by Apple in order to develop its applications professionally, but at the same time, it is easy to learn and simple to use, which makes it a great option to teach it to your child, especially since he will see results It works directly if it uses the Swift and XCode environments, which will turn it into applications that work on most Apple devices, including the iPhone, iPad, and even Apple TV. As for the way to learn it, it is simple and you only need to download the Swift Playgrounds application from the Apple Store. Of course, the applicati
on is completely free and is available in two versions for Mac and iPad.

2. Scratch

The Scratch language is one of the best educational projects devised by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, which greatly helps the child to enter the world of programming through the Scratch language, especially since it is very simple and learning it is fun for children, so that the child can drag certain programming blocks to drop them later on the program that he creates, the matter The good thing about this language is that it has a large audience, which means there are many resources that the child can use or learn from.

As for the first step in teaching it to your child, all you have to do is visit the official Scratch website from any browser and then download the application and start teaching it to your child. For Windows, Mac, and even Chrome OS and Android devices, not to mention there are a lot of tutorials, especially in Arabic.

3. Python

It is one of the most widely used programming languages in the world as a whole. That is why we have talked about the Python language in more than one article. Of course, its great popularity among programmers does not mean that it is a difficult language to learn! On the contrary, its ease of learning is the main reason for its popularity, not to mention its wide audience and great support, which makes it an ideal language to teach your child. Of course, the uses of the Python language are countless, whether to develop websites, artificial intelligence, or even games, and the good thing is that it contains many practical applications that will facilitate the child's learning process  As for the first step, you just have to go to the official Python website and download its operating code, whether for Windows, Mac, or  even Linux for free.

Of course, the Python site is not limited to downloading the driver, but it also contains many explanations that may benefit your child. Regardless of the Python site, there are a very large number of Arabic explanations that will make it easy for your child to learn, whether on YouTube or blogs.

4. Microsoft Small Basic


If the Swift language is a good start to teaching your child a programming language if he uses one of the Apple products, then Small Basic is the best option for him. If your child uses a Windows computer, the beauty of this language is that it is completely simple and depends on text writing in the industry codes, which means that the commands used in them are closer to everyday speech than commands, and despite their simplicity and the fact that they consist of just 14 basic words, your child can make small applications and games in addition to some demonstrations by simply merging and grouping those words in different ways, and since they depend on the Dot Net environment (.NET) when they do, it means that the acquired skill can be transferred to Visual Basic later.

It is worth noting that Small Basic was developed by Microsoft and is considered a bridge in terms of the child’s transition from block-based programming, as is the case with Scratch, to programming that depends on text commands and coding. Of course, Small Basic is completely free and in order for your child to start learning it, you must visit the Microsoft website for Small Basic first, where you'll find plenty of language learning lessons for your child, as well as a huge library of resources and a driver that just so happens to be completely free.

5. Peak-8 / Moon

Imagine your child making his own Super Mario game, playing with it and sharing it with his friends! You may think that it is exaggerated, but on the contrary, it is "easy" thanks to the Pico-8 environment developed by Lexaloffle Games, as it is closer to the Atari 8-bit emulator, but on your computer or your child, where the child will be able to make simple games and play Publish it, post it, and even edit it online, just like the ones Elon Musk made in his early life when he was young.

The Pico-8 environment depends on the Lua language for writing commands, which is a language that is easy to capture and learn, especially since it will look like a video game, in which the child can design his own games, but with certain text commands that enable him to enter the world of huge software later. You can download the Pico-8 platform By visiting the official website of Lexalofle Games, you can install it on Windows, Mac, and even Linux systems at a cost of $15. It is worth noting that Lua is not only used in the Pico-8 environment, but the child can apply what he learned and transfer it to other game engines such as Solar 2D, which is considered A free, open-source project, which means more resources and libraries without restrictions or limits, and more possibilities that will push your child to delve deeper into the world of programming languages more and more.